Hornby goes Steampunk


With the recent popularity of TV programmes such as the Great Model Railway Challenge encouraging new ideas into the hobby, Hornby is venturing into the science fiction world of Steampunk.

Steampunk combines science fiction, history and steam-powered machinery and Hornby intends to embrace the genre with a range of suitably inspired ‘OO’ gauge models and accessories issued under the Bassett Lowke brand.

Developed with the help of Steampunk aficianado Laurie Calvert, the range will include specially designed locomotives and buildings embossed with gears and cogs, together with 1:76 scale 3D printed steampunk passengers and a series of 8in collectable 3D printed figures too.

Utilising Hornby’s repertoire of 0-4-0T locomotive chassis, each steampunk engine will feature a decorated cast resin body, with examples including Leander (BL2001), Fearless (BL2002) and Rogue (BL2003), plus rolling stock such as Coach 1 (BL4001), Coach 2 (BL4002), Darjeeling crate wagon (BL6001), Hatter Milliner wagon (BL6002), Dinosaur Hatchery wagon (BL6003) and a Goggle Polisher wagon (BL6004).

Resin cast buildings include Bassett Lowke’s Tea and Urn factory (BL8001), Time Travel Holiday Homes (BL8002), The Fogg Checkpoint bridge (BL8003), Wells Halt (BL8004), The Dinosaur Stud Farm (BL8005) and the Indicator Box (BL8006).

A collection of accessories including gears and cogs plus packs of matt, gloss and metallic acrylic paints will also be available separately.

• Visit www.hornby.com for more information.