2020 goods wagons


With no new wagon tooling this year, highlights include reliveries to more than 60 individual wagons including a series of wagon packs containing 20ton Corn Products tank wagons (R6959), HAA MerryGo-Round hopper wagons (R6963), CDA china clay hoppers (R6964) and 27ton MSV Iron Ore Tipplers with ‘Stone’ branding (R6965).

The popular Tiphook KFA container flat wagon returns in three variants with 20ft and 40ft Ocean Network Express (ONE) containers (R6956), three mixed 20ft tanktainers (R6957) and three mixed 20ft containers (R6958). Allied to this, Hornby will also be issuing a series of separate container packs each containing one 20ft and one 40ft container in Freightliner (R60001), Pentalver (R60002), ONE (R60003), PD Ports (R6998) and Malcolm Logistics (R6999) liveries. Each pack is priced at £13.99.

Further reliveries have been applied to a wide selection of four, five, six and seven-plank private owner wagons, plus GWR shunter’s trucks, horse boxes, a six-wheel milk tank and LMS 20ton brake vans, LSWR 20ton ‘New Vans’ GWR ‘Toads’ and BR 20ton brake vans. Returning in 2020 is the GWR ‘Siphon H’ bogie parcels van in GWR and BR liveries.

Finally, two triple packs of Hornby ‘retro wagons’ will also be added this year celebrating classic colour schemes including Crawfords Biscuits, Seccotine and Colman’s Mustard (R6990) and United Dairies, Jacob’s Biscuits and Palethorpes (R6991).

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