VIDEO: Dapol Sentinel for 'O' gauge

Dapol's new Sentinel four-wheel vertical boiler tank engine (4wVBT) touched down at the end of 2019 offering a new choice of shunting locomotive for 'O' gauge.

VIDEO: Seven Mill Depot running session

Join us for the latest Hornby Magazine running session as we call in at Seven Mill Depot - our recently completed 'O' gauge diesel depot.

VIDEO: An interview with Simon Kohler

To mark Hornby's 100th anniversary we interview Simon Kohler to get his take on the 2020 range including the inspiration behind this year's models, his favourite items and more.

VIDEO: Hatton's Class 66 for 'OO' gauge

Hatton's all-new 'OO' gauge Class 66 touched down in the Hornby Magazine office in late December 2019 - just in time to feature in our February 2020 issue

VIDEO: Locoman Sounds D&H ‘Black Five’ sound decoder

Locoman Sounds has produced a brand-new sound file for the Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0 for Doehler & Haass chips.

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VIDEO: Yorkshire Dales Model Railway

We visit Lewis Bucknell of the YouTube channel MouldyRaspberry to discover the full story behind his brilliant 'OO' gauge loft layout.

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Class 50 afterlife

BR’s Class 50 diesels are some of the most popular locomotives ever built, and this has been reflected in the number preserved, which currently stands at just over a third of those constructed, as EVAN GREEN-HUGHES discovers.

Stanier ‘Black Five’ 44694 1 accelerates away from Buckdale with a fivecoach rake of BR carmine and cream Mk 1s Feature Premium

Yorkshire Dales Model Railway

Check out Lewis Bucknell's brilliant 'OO' gauge loft layout where we visited his 32ft long model to gather more information. Find out more here.

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Seven Mill Depot - building an 'O' gauge diesel depot

With just three weeks available the Hornby Magazine team set out to build its first ‘O’ gauge exhibition layout to form part of a multi-scale display at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition in November 2019. MIKE WILD reveals how it was done and explains the story of this compact depot layout.

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Cornwallis Yard

Cornwallis Yard models a fictional Great Western Railway setting in the Plymouth area between 1935 and 1936. DAVID AND ALISON BARKER reveal the story of this superbly modelled ‘EM’ gauge layout which was originally started by Bob Haskins. Photography, Trevor Jones.