VIDEO: Locoman Sounds D&H ‘Black Five’ sound decoder

Locoman Sounds has produced a brand-new sound file for the Stanier 'Black Five' 4-6-0 for Doehler & Haass chips.

The sound specialist supplied a Hornby 'Black Five' which had been pre-fitted with an 8-pin decoder and a 40mm x 20mm twin speaker to output the high-quality audio track which had been loaded onto the chip. Features include playable whistles, coasting function, active brakes, live volume control and wheelslip on throttle command. It also offers ancillary sounds such as a guard's whistle, doors closing, water filling and coupling sounds.

Doehler & Haass (D&H) sound decoder are distributed in the UK by Locoman Sounds. The range includes 6-pin, 8-pin, Next18 and 21-pin decoder formats making them suitable for 'N' gauge and 'OO' gauge models. Prices start from £85 and full details can be found at

We reviewed this new decoder sound file in HM152 - February 2020 after testing the sound profile on our office test track, Topley Dale. In this video feature we showcase the sounds in action on our 'OO' gauge test track installed in a Hornby 'Black Five'.

Black Five decoder