Hornby ‘Salmon’ wagon ‘first shots’

First test shots from the moulds for Hornby’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge 50ton ‘Salmon’ bogie rail wagons have arrived for checking with the company’s design team.


Five of the 50ton LMS-designed wagons are planned initially, spanning the prototypes’ career with one finished in LMS grey (R60202), together with three BR YMO ‘Salmon’ wagons (R60203-5) in BR grey and a BR YMA ‘Salmon’ wagon (R60206) in BR yellow and grey. 


Hornby’s extensive tooling suite will enable most variants of the wagons to be modelled in due course, while the specification includes a die-cast metal chassis, detailed decking, alternative bogie types, removable bolsters and stanchions.

Priced at £38.49 each, release is expected during Spring 2024.

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