VIDEO: Hornby’s centenary edition Rocket for ‘OO’ gauge


Hornby is carving itself a niche for producing small and intricate models for 'OO' gauge. The latest to arrive is its sought-after 2020 range model of Stephenson's Rocket. It joins the popular models of the Peckett 'W4' 0-4-0ST, Peckett 'B2' 0-6-0ST and Ruston 48DS 4wDM in the 'small engines' category.

Rocket is being released in two forms - the limited edition centenary pack as featured here in replica Tri-ang Railways style packaging (Cat No. R3809) and as a standard issue with different carriage names (R3810) in yellow packaging. Each set contains the locomotive and tender, a pre-painted crew and three period four-wheel coaches.

This brand-new model of Stephenson's Rocket touched down in the Hornby Magazine office at the end of February and you can read our full review of the historic 0-2-2 in HM154 or here online here at Key Model World by logging in or subscribing.

Watch the tiny 0-2-2 and its three-coach train in this video introduced by Hornby Magazine Editor Mike Wild running on DC control.

Rocket NRM