The German retailer has released a dazzlingly generous 1/48 decal sheet for Luftwaffe F-4F Phantoms.


Whether you’re a died-in-the-wool ‘Phantom Phanatic’ or new to the legendary type in modelling terms, House of Phantoms’ new Luftwaffe-focused decal selection is stunning. Set HoPD 48002 offers 35 liveries in Norm 81A/B camouflage, representing F-4F Phantoms from the 1980s and ‘90s; this colourful, detail-heavy package provides masses of unit badges, exercise ‘zaps’, a generous array of fuselage numbers and myriad stencilling (including formation light strips). HoP states that the markings are sized for Zoukei-Mura’s kit, but we’re certain they’d work on Phantoms from other manufacturers, even if a little ‘tweaking’ is necessary.

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Pleasingly, many of the jets wear examples of high-visibility paint on the tails –  a move introduced after several low-flying accidents with the real aircraft on home soil – so your builds can look even more attractive if it’s colour you seek. Even shark-mouthed airframes are included.

House of Phantoms offers six photos of real aircraft for camouflage reference, as well as a list of all the aircraft (by serial number) that can be built using this sheet. Full stencil placement illustrations are supplied and all necessary RAL paint codes are quoted. Scheme examples include:

•    F-4F-59-MC, 38+56, 72-1266, JG 71 ‘Richtofen’, GAFTIC ’86, CFB Goose Bay, Canada, May 1986
•    F-4F-59-MC, 38+74, 72-1284, JG 71 ‘Richtofen’, GAFTIC ’86, CFB Goose Bay, Canada, 1986
•    F-4F-58-MC, 38+40, 72-1250, JG 71 ‘Richtofen’, Kleine Brogel AB, Belgium, September 1983
•    F-4F-54-MC,37+74, 72-1157, JG 71 ‘Richtofen’, Wittmund AB, April 1984
•    F-4F-57-MC, 38+07, 72-1217, JG 71 ‘Richtofen’, GAFTIC ’86, CFB Trenton, Canada, June 1986
•    F-4F-56-MC, 37+89, 72-1199, JG 71 ‘Richtofen’, GAFTC ’86, CFB Bagotville, Canada, June 1986
•    F-4F-58-MC, 38+24, 72-1234, JG 74 ‘Molders’, GAFTIC ’86, CFB Trenton, Canada, June 1986
•    F-4F-59-MC, 38+48, 72-1258, JG 74 ‘Molders’, GAFTIC ’86, CFB Goose Bay, Canada, May 1986
•    F-4F-55-MC, 37-60, 72-1170, JG 74 ‘Molders’, GAFTIC ’87, Rheine-Hopsten, November 1987
•    F-4F-56-MC, 37+92, 72-1202, JG 74 ‘Molders’, GAFTIC ’88 ’30 Years of F-4’, CFB Goose Bay, Canada, June 1988
•    F-4F-56-MC, 37+83, 72-1193, JG 74 ‘Molders’, GAFTIC ’86, CFB Goose Bay, Canada, May 1986
•    F-4F-54-MC, 37+28, 72-1138, JaboG 35 Squadron Exchange with 43 Squadron, RAF Leuchars, Pferdsfeld AB, 1985
•    F-4F-54-MC, 37+33, 721143, JaboG 35, Decimomannu, Sardinia, August 1996
•    F-4F-59-MC, 38+57, 72-1267, JaboG 36 ‘Westfalen’ (1. Staffel ‘Vestigium Leonis’, Rheine-Hopsten AB, October 1990
•    F-4F-54-MC, 38+43, 72-1253, JG 72 ‘Westfalen’, ICE/AMRAAM testing, NAS Point Mugu, California, USA, 1992


One large 29 x 20.5cm decal sheet carries the bulk of the markings, but there are two much smaller additional backing sheets with stencils and ‘zap’ artwork. Every jet represented has a colour profile and scrap views.

This sheet is unmissable if you’re particularly interested in Luftwaffe F-4s, not just for its quality, but for the staggering variety and superb instructions. The printing by Cartograf is first rate, with the carrier film being thin and glossy. House of Phantoms’ sheet is certainly good enough to, arguably, coax you away from building F-4s of other air arms. It’s also excellent value at €25.17 direct from House of Phantoms.