LNER ‘J26’ Heads up Oxford Rail 2020 range

Oxford Rail unveiled its new 2020 catalogue range at the London Toyfair in January.

Four newly tooled ‘OO’ gauge projects have been added, including a London and North Eastern (LNER) ‘J26’ 0-6-0, Cowans Sheldon Standard 15ton crane, Great Eastern Railway (GER) 10ton covered van and BR 20ton ‘Pilchard’ ballast and sleeper wagon.

The North Eastern Region ‘P2’ (LNER ‘J26’) 0-6-0s first entered service in 1904. 50 of the William Worsdell designed locomotives were built, split between Darlington and Gateshead Works. These long-lived freight engines were reclassified ‘J26’ under the LNER and many lasted into the 1960s, although none have been preserved.

Oxford Rail’s new ‘OO’ gauge model will complement the outwardly similar LNER ‘J27’ 0-6-0 – due for release this summer - and is to be released as 5738 in LNER black (Cat No. OR76J26001/XS), 65767 in BR black with early crests (OR76J26002/XS) and 65736 in BR black with late crests (OR76J27003/ XS). Both Digital Command Control (DCC) ready and DCC sound-fitted variants will be available with delivery of LNER models currently scheduled between July and September 2020. BR models are expected between October and December 2020. Prices are set at £109.95 for DCC ready and £209.95 for DCC sound-fitted examples.

Also new for 2020 is a ‘OO’ gauge Cowans Sheldon Standard 15ton crane. Based on a late 1890s design, the crane will appear in two versions, Mk 1 and Mk 2, with either a curved plate jib with side plate slots or plain swan necked appearance. Four models are planned with Mk 1 examples representing BR Stoke Motive Power Depot’s RS1023/16 (OX76CS1001) and LMS Wellingborough 243 (OX76CS1002), while Mk 2 examples will appear as BR Stewarts Lane depot’s DS316 (OX76CS2001) and LNER Sunderland 901628 (OX76CS2002). Prices are to be confirmed with delivery anticipated in early 2021.

Further newly tooled rolling stock includes a GER 10ton covered van used in revenue and departmental service into the early 1960s. Oxford Rail’s new ‘OO’ model will represent the prototype in GER, LNER and BR days as 32109 in GER livery (OX76GEGV001), 630616 in LNER livery (OX76GEGV002) and E612630 in BR livery (OX76GEGV003). Expected in early 2021, each is priced at £14.95.

Last but by no means least will be a BR 20ton ‘Pilchard’ ballast and sleeper wagon. Built in the early 1950s, 50 unfitted wagons were built for engineering duties, lasting into the 1980s. Oxford Rail’s new ‘OO’ gauge ‘Pilchard’ will appear in BR black as DB990099 (OX76PIL001) and DB990092 (OX76PIL002). The price is expected to be £14.95 per wagon with release scheduled for early 2021.

Visit www.oxfordrail.com for more details.