LNER ‘J50’ heads Hornby's 2024 ‘TT:120’ plans

Hornby’s TT:120 scale plans for 2024 include an all-new London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) ‘J50’ 0-6-0T, new Touax Sffgmss IFA wagons and a series of reliveries of existing toolings.

Spearheading Hornby's new 2024 range, the LNER ‘J50’ 0-6-0T will appear as 2793 in LNER black (Cat No. TT3025M), 68983 in BR black with early crests (TT3024M) and 68965 in BR black with late crests (TT3026M).


Currently in the early stages of development, first test shots from the tooling have already been received for evaluation, with Engineering Prototype (EP) samples due imminently. This particular model will complement the existing Eastern Region themed express passenger locomotives in the ‘TT:120’ scale range. The ‘J50s’ were found far and wide across LNER territory from the early 1920s until the early 1960s.


The specification includes a three-pole motor, all-wheel pick-ups and six-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket. Priced at £139.99 each, release is currently slated for November 2024.


Keeping the Eastern Region theme - albeit with a more modern twist – is an Inter-City 125 High Speed Train (HST) set, comprising a pair of HST power cars in their original blue, grey and yellow colour scheme together with two Mk 3 trailer cars.


This new set will be available DCC ready (TT1004M) and DCC sound-fitted with Hornby’s latest HM7000 Bluetooth and DCC Triplex Sound decoders (one per power car).


Both train sets will feature power cars E43062 and E43063, which were built at Crewe Works in 1977 and part of Eastern Region HST set 254004, originally allocated to Bounds Green depot in London. Two BR blue and grey Mk 3 Trailer Standard (TS) carriages will also be included, finished as E42064 and E42065. The sets will also include a transformer, train controller, buffer stop, track and a re-railer. Prices are set at £249.99 DCC ready and £339.99 DCC sound-fitted (TXS), with release anticipated in October this year.


A new BR Class 08 diesel shunter has also been added, finished as D3986 in BR green with ‘wasp stripes’ and red coupling rods (Cat No. TT3028M). Built at Derby Works in 1960, D3986 was initially allocated to Tyseley depot before migrating to the Western Region. Priced at £136.99, release is currently slated for the autumn.

Hornby’s forthcoming newly-tooled ‘TT:120’ scale Class 50 Co-Co diesels are expected to arrive shortly and digital sound-fitted examples have also now been added to the schedule. 50007 Sir Edward Elgar in GW150 lined green (TT3013TXSM) and 50040 Leviathan in BR large logo blue (TT3014TXSM) will be offered with factory-fitted HM7000 TXS decoders and speakers. Prices are set at £167.99 DCC ready and £222.99 DCC sound-fitted (TXS). Release is expected in late April.

In the future, Hornby aims, where practical, to offer sound-fitted versions of motive power produced in the TT:120 range. The company’s Stanier ‘Princess Coronation’ 4-6-2s and Class 66 Co-Co diesels are already set to benefit from factory-fitted TXS versions, with release due later this summer. The company is also easing back on the phased roll-out of its ‘TT:120’ range, preferring to take a more specific approach to releases in the future, with more products expected to be announced later in the year.


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Hornby’s expanding ‘TT:120’ range of carriages and wagons receives a boost with several reworkings of existing toolings including two additional ‘TT:120’ Pullman First Class Kitchen Cars, modelling Medusa (TT4003C) and Iolanthe (TT4003D). As with previous releases, they will carry Pullman umber and cream livery and feature detailed interiors, printed curtains and interior illumination. Meanwhile, the company’s newly-tooled ‘TT:120’ Stanier LMS carriages are expected to be released shortly.


Two new 12ton tank wagons are set to bolster the roster, finished in BP/Shell silver (TT6028) and in Benzol & By-Products livery (TT6029), while for modern era modellers, a new Sffgmss IFA intermodal bogie wagon will be joining the ranks. This particular model is from the Arnold European ‘TT:120’ range and reflects contemporary wagons in use with Touax on the UK rail network.


Three models are planned in the first batch of releases, each with different UK outline 45ft containers in DFDS (TT6025), Hapag-Lloyd (TT6026) and Hanjin (TT6027) guises. These containers are different to those on the Arnold releases. Each model will feature a die-cast chassis, detailed wheelsets with fine flanges and close coupler mechanisms.



Hornby’s ‘TT:120’ range of accessories is set to include an all-new selection of working signals and a level crossing.


Four new semaphore signals join the collection with a Home signal (TT8045), Distant signal (TT8046), Junction Home signal (TT8047) and Junction Distant signal (TT8047). Each is set to feature operating arms.


Hornby is also adding a new universal ‘TT:120’ level crossing (TT8044) to the range. As supplied the pack will contain enough parts to complete a single track level crossing with traditional gates or modern era barriers, but is being produced with future expansion in mind.  A separate add-on centre section will also be available to enable multi-track crossings to be created. Further functionality is also being considered, with motorisation options possible in the future.


Finally, a pack of ‘TT:120’ isolating fishplates (TT8042) is also set to join the range. These enable isolated sections of track to be installed, particularly useful for motive power depots and the like on analogue layouts. The new packs will contain 12 isolating fishplates.

The only way to get a printed copy of the new Hornby 2024 TT:120 catalogue is with the May 2024 issue of Hornby Magazine - on sale from April 4 2024.

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