Harrier GR.1 Transatlantic Air Race

50th Anniversary

By: Italeri Item no: 1435 Price: £17.99


In 1969, the Daily Mail organised the Transatlantic Air Race to celebrate 50 years since the first aerial Atlantic crossing, and a further halfcentury later, Italeri has released a commemorative 1/72 Harrier. Flash was noted across the four styrene runners, but otherwise components feature fine detail, including a neat engine fan and convincing undercarriage, although the latter can only be set in the down position.

Decals are supplied for three RAF Dark Sea Grey/Dark Green machines, including the Daily Mail LondonNew York race-winning airframe. Although this aircraft was fitted with ferry wing tips, these aren’t included (a conversion is available from Freightdog Models) and the finish on early airframes was gloss:

• XV7 41, Sqn Ldr Tom LeckyThompson, Daily Mail Transatlantic Air Race, May 1969

• XV778, Beach Buggy, 1 Sqn, Belize, November 1975

• XV758, 233 OCU, RAF Wittering, Northamptonshire, September 1970