Newvaddon Parkway - Cornish railways in 'N'

Gauge: ‘N’ | Period: 1995-2023 | Region: Western | Operating team: Redruth MRC

Newvaddon Parkway in N gauge.

Newvaddon Parkway translates from Cornish to English as Nowydh. This 'N' gauge layout is set in the diesel era from 1995 to the present day to showcase rolling stock changes through the privatisation era.

The layout is 16ft long and features a double track main line with a large station which takes inspiration from Newport in South Wales. Features from Totnes on the Great Western Main Line as well as local branch lines in Cornwall also bring features to the layout while visitors will also see the busy depot, DMU servicing facility and more.

Locomotives and rolling stock are drawn from ready-to-run manufacturers including Dapol, Graham Farish and Revolution Trains to create realistic formations.

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