Revolution Trains summer update


RevolutionTrains has updated progress on its in-development ‘N’ and ‘OO’ gauge projects, following a busy first half of the year.

Commenting on progress so far, RT’s Ben Ando said: “So far 2022 has been a period of some consolidation. The arrival of the IWA vans and timber carriers in ‘OO’ and ‘N’ at the beginning of the year and our ‘N’ gauge Class 320/321 units in early Spring, saw us packing and posting like never before.”


During this period, development has gathered pace on a number of projects, with the company’s ‘N’ gauge Class 128 now at the decorated sample stage. Production is set to start this autumn - the order book will close shortly after the International N gauge exhibition in September.


Decorated samples for RT’s all-new ‘N’ gauge Class 59 diesel are expected soon, with haulage tests using running samples now complete. The company also recently visited the Mendip Vehicle Maintenance Facility in Somerset to undertake recording of the full-size Class 59s for the digital sound project due to be incorporated in the new DCC sound-fitted models.


Work on two of Revolution Trains’ ultra-modern projects – the Beacon Rail Class 18 battery hybrid shunter and Stadler Class 93 tri-model Bo-Bos – have moved forward significantly, with CAD completed on the former and around 80% complete on the latter. The Class 18 shunters will incorporate detail differences between Beacon and Tata steel variants, with first samples expected during September.


Meanwhile, the Class 93s are expected to continue developing alongside the full size prototypes. The first completed Class 93 is expected to be ready for testing in late September/October and the development team have been invited to Valencia to inspect the completed locomotive.


The manufacturer’s new ‘N’ gauge Class 313/314 EMU project is also progressing well, with the team recently receiving a full Engineering Prototype (EP) sample for testing. This proved successful and decorated samples are awaited. Production is expected to start later this year.


‘N’ gauge wagon projects are also progressing well, with the BR ‘Cartic 4’ now at a significant point in development, with EP samples of the ‘N’ gauge examples received for evaluation. Some minor modification to the articulation is required, but their operation has proved satisfactory. ‘OO’ gauge models are also planned, although these are currently at the CAD stage.



Meanwhile, the BR Borail family of wagons is now at the decorated sample stage of development. The order book for these ‘N’ gauge models is due to close shortly after the Great Electric Train Show in October. ‘OO’ gauge versions are also in development and samples of these are expected to follow in due course.


Tooling has also begun on Revolution Trains’ all-new ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge FNA-D nuclear flask wagons following the completion of the CAD stage. These wagons currently operate on the national network, having replaced older examples of the flask wagons since their gradual introduction in 2014. Samples are expected in time for the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition in December.


CAD work for the ‘N’ gauge Class 175 and 180 Diesel Multiple Units is almost complete, while development of the ‘OO’ examples is just getting under way - the pre-order book for these is due to open shortly.


Last, but by no means least, development on the ‘N’ gauge London Transport 1938 tube stock is back on track following delays due to the Covid pandemic preventing access to research sources. Finalised CADs are expected soon, with tooling expected to start shortly after.

Visit Revolution Trains for more information on the company’s forthcoming new products for ‘N’ and ‘OO’.