New Class 24s head Bachmann Summer announcements

New Class 24s head Bachmann Summer announcements


Four newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge disc headcode fitted BR Class 24 diesels head the line-up for Bachmann’s quarterly release schedule for Summer 2021.


These all-new models follow the previously released headcode box fitted Class 24/1s and will appear as disc headcode Class 24/0s D5036 in BR green with small yellow warning panels (32-415/SF), 24035 in BR blue (32-416/SF), together with Class 24/1s D5094 in BR green with silver bodyside grilles (32-443/SF) and 97201 Experiment in its distinctive BR Railway Technical Centre red and blue colour scheme (32-444/SF).




Designed from the ground up, the specification includes separately fitted roof panels, etched cab ventilation grilles, headcode discs, decorated cab interiors, switchable directional lighting, factory-fitted speaker, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket and a wealth of separately applied parts. Prices are set at £179.95 DCC ready and £279.95 DCC sound-fitted.


Bachmann's all-new 'OO' gauge Class 20/3 tooling gains a further release as 20314 in Harry Needle Railroad Company (HNRC) livery (35-126A/SF) in DCC ready and DCC sound-fitted forms, to accompany the previously-issued 20311 in the same colour scheme, while a pair of limited edition London Transport liveried Class 20/0s are planned for the Bachmann Collectors Club and London Transport Museum (LTM).


Utilising Bachmann's all-new Class 20/0 tooling, the LT liveried models will appear as 20142 Sir John Betjeman in London Transport (LT) lined maroon with Metropolitan Railway crests (35-359K/SF) and 20227 Sherlock Holmes in LT lined maroon with LT Roundels (35-358K/SF). Both models will also feature etched metal nameplates. DCC ready models  are expected to be available through the LTM, while DCC sound-fitted models will be exclusive to the Bachmann Collectors Club. Just 160 of each LT Class 20 will be sound-fitted with Zimo digital sound decoders, with delivery expected during July.


Bachmann's forthcoming all-new 'OO' gauge London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) 'V2' 2-6-2s are also due to be released this summer, with DCC sound-fitted examples of each now added to the schedule, supplementing the previously-announced DCC ready locomotives. Releases include 4791 in LNER lined green (35-200/SF), 60845 in BR lined black with early crests (35-201/SF) and 60847 St Peter's School in BR lined green with late crests (35-202/SF). Prices are set at £229.95 for DCC ready models and £329.95 for DCC sound fitted locomotives.



Further 'OO' gauge highlights include a London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) ‘4P' 4-4-0 as 1119 in LMS crimson lake (31-934), BR Mk 2F Standard Open, First Open and Brake Standard Open carriages in InterCity (Swallow) livery, a BR Mk 1 POT Travelling Post Office Stowage Van in BR blue and grey and a small selection of wagons (see accompanying table for more details).




Bachmann's 'OO9’ narrow gauge range sees the addition of an all-new steel-bodied third class bogie passenger coach in maroon and cream (394-001) and lined green (394-002), to complement the growing selection of 'OO9' locomotives and rolling stock. Prices are set at £44.95 each.



Meanwhile, Bachmann's Scenecraft range receives a boost with new ready-to-plant buildings and accessories for 'OO' and 'N’, including a series of 'OO' railway stables buildings based on those at Bricklayers Arms on the Southern Region and a low-relief toy museum. See accompanying table for full details of Bachmann's planned Scenecraft releases.





Finally, the manufacturer has confirmed that its 'N' gauge Class 60 tooling is undergoing modifications to enable factory-fitted sound models to be issued in the future, including 60002 Graham Farish 50th Anniversary 1970-2020, which was named earlier this year to mark the 50th anniversary of Graham Farish production. A release date has yet to be confirmed.


LMS '4P' Compound 4-4-0, 1119, LMS crimson lake 31-934 £214.95
LNER 'V2' 2-6-2, 4791, LNER lined green (DCC Sound) 35-200SF £329.95
LNER 'V2' 2-6-2, 60845, BR lined black, early crests (DCC Sound) 35-201SF £329.95
LNER 'V2' 2-6-2, 60847 St Peter's School, BR lined green, late crests (DCC Sound) 35-202SF £329.95
Class 20/0 20142 Sir John Betjeman, LT lined maroon (DCC Sound) 35-359KSF £279.95*
Class 20/0 20227 Sherlock Holmes, LT lined maroon (DCC Sound) 35-358KSF £279.95*
Class 20/3 20314, Harry Needle Railroad Company  35-126A £179.95
Class 20/3 20314, Harry Needle Railroad Company (DCC Sound) 35-126ASF £279.95
Class 24/0 D5036 DH, BR green, small yellow panels 32-415 £179.95
Class 24/0 D5036 DH, BR green, small yellow panels (DCC Sound) 32-415SF £279.95
Class 24/0 24035 DH, BR blue 32-416 £179.95
Class 24/0 24035 DH, BR blue (DCC Sound) 32-416SF £279.95
Class 24/1 D5094 DH, BR green 32-443 £179.95
Class 24/1 D5094 DH, BR green (DCC Sound) 32-443SF £279.95
Class 24/1 97201 Experiment DH, BR RTC livery 32-444 £179.95
Class 24/1 97201 Experiment DH, BR RTC livery 32-444SF £279.95
BR Mk 1 POT Post Office stowage van, BR blue and grey 39-755A £59.95
BR Mk 2F First Open, BR InterCity (Swallow) 39-653 £69.95
BR Mk 2F First Open, BR InterCity (Swallow) (DCC Fitted) 39-653DC £94.95
BR Mk 2F Standard Open, BR InterCity (Swallow) 39-678 £69.95
BR Mk 2F Standard Open, BR InterCity (Swallow) (DCC Fitted) 39-678DC £94.95
BR Mk 2F Brake Standard Open, BR InterCity (Swallow) 39-702 £69.95
BR Mk 2F Brake Standard Open, BR InterCity (Swallow) (DCC Fitted) 39-702DC £94.95
14ton Class A Anchor-mounted tank wagon, National Benzole, silver (W) 38-778A £34.95
24ton Ore Hopper, Cadbury Bournville, yellow 37-510 £25.95
24ton Ore Hopper, Stanton, red 37-511 £25.95
BR 45ton TTA tank wagon, Esso, grey 37-576D £32.95


DH - Disc Headcode

W - Weathered

* - Exclusive to Bachmann Collectors Club members

Steel bodied bogie third passenger coach, maroon and cream 394-001 £44.95
Steel bodied bogie third passenger coach, lined green 394-002 £44.95
Toilet block ('N' gauge) 42-0040 £19.95
6ft garden fencing x10 ('N' gauge) 42-0505 £9.95
1930s semi-detached houses ('N' gauge) 42-134 £32.95
Low-relief Fire station ('N' gauge) 42-240 £23.95
Low-relief Police station ('N' gauge) 42-271 £29.95
Concrete platform lamps x 4 ('N' gauge) 42-542 £19.95
Railway stables ('OO' gauge) 44-0147 £69.95
Railway stables tack room ('OO' gauge) 44-0148 £44.95
Railway stables keeper's house ('OO' gauge) 44-0149 £44.95
Two-road stone engine shed ('OO' gauge) 44-0157 £119.95
Low-relief 1930s semi-detached houses ('OO' gauge) 44-0206 £49.95
Low-relief Hamilton Toy Museum ('OO' gauge) 44-0211 £54.95
Ballast bins x 2 ('OO' gauge) 44-0510 £5.95
Welded storage tank ('OO' gauge) 44-503 £17.95

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