Scarlington - the 1980s in North East England in 'N'

The NOEL Group’s fabulous ‘N’ gauge exhibition layout Scarlington is joining the Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024.

Gauge: ‘N’ | Period: 1970s-1980s | Region: Eastern | Operating team: NOEL GROUP

Scarlington is a busy main line station in 'N' gauge built by the NOEL Group.

Above: Scarlington is a busy main line station in 'N' gauge built by the NOEL Group. Jonathan Newton.

SCARLINGTON models the North East of England in the 1970s and 1980s in ‘N’ gauge and featured in HM192. The layout is owned by the North of England Line (NOEL) Group of Geoff Britton, Mike Johnson, Nick Skelton and Keith Smith.  

This ‘N’ gauge layout offers a busy multi-track main line scene heading to a large through station with junctions and branchlines connecting to the main route. Construction started as a follow up to Scarworth Junction which featured in Hornby Magazine in 2010, though this time the period was moved forward to model the BR blue and Sectorisation era.

Construction of Scarlington started in 2011 and made use of traditional methods for the baseboards as well as Peco code 55 track while analogue control was selected for the layouts operation. 

The extensive layout design includes bridges over the railway as well as a stand-out railway bridge at the centre. There is also a cliff railway, town scene and industrial area.

Read the full feature on Scarlington, together with a full length video, here.

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