Arab T-34-85

By: Dragon Item no: 3571

Price: £59.99 Web: www.hobbyco.net

This Dragon offering is a re-boxed version of its 1/35 T-34/85, released to commemorate 50 years since the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War. It comprises 15 styrene runners, with specific items intended for a Syrian-operated vehicle. Tracks are supplied as Magic Track individual link items, plus there’s a small photo-etched metal fret and a length of wire for the tow cable. Lower hull components feature neat panel lines, while suspension and running gear are similarly well moulded, and there’s a splendid DShK heavy machine gun on an antiaircraft mount. Parts for the larger turret type fitted to the T-35/85 variant feature a textured styrene surface (replicating the cast nature of the real item), with raised locating points for other components. Two schemes depict 4BO Russian Green machines: one is a well-known T-34/85 on the Golan Heights, with the name of a Syrian martyr on the turret, the other is an unmarked tank.



German Gedeckter Güterwagen G10

By: Thunder Model

Item no: 35901 Price: £49.99

Web: www.thundermodel.com

Although often overshadowed by armoured vehicles, railway wagons played a significant role in military operations during World War Two, none more so than the humble box van. Thunder Model’s 1/35 G10 Güterwagen (freight wagon) is a fine representation of the German 15-tonne (16.5 ton) type built from 1910 onwards. There are nine styrene runners, three photoetched (PE) metal frets and wiring supplied; the braking and coupling systems are particularly well appointed. Wooden surfaces are represented on the exterior panels of the van, but it would have been preferable to see this extended to the interior, which features just engraved plank lines. A full colour guide has been produced with AMMO-MIG for either Polizei Grün (Police Green) or dark red schemes, plus weathering advice alongside markings for four individual vehicles.



Renault FT 75 BS

By: Flyhawk

Item no: FH 3009 Price: £26.17

Web: www.flyhawkmodel.com

Flyhawk has released a new version of its 1/72 Renault FT tank, a type developed during World War One and often seen as the first ‘modern’ configuration of a track-equipped lower hull with a rotating main turret armament. This offering depicts the FT 75 BS, equipped with a shortbarrelled 75mm (3in) howitzer, which benefits from a full breech mechanism and azimuth/elevation handle. Despite the model’s diminutive size, it features finely engraved panel lines while rivets are reproduced as moulded dimples. The vehicle’s drive system comprises well-appointed running gear, drive chains and single-piece tracks, which are enhanced with PE. Best of all, components are supplied for two vehicles, with a pair of markings schemes also provided, although no guidance is given for unit or deployment information, so modellers will need to check references.



German A4/V2 Rocket

By: Revell Item no: 03309

Price: £12.99 Web: www.revell.de/en

Revell has re-boxed CMK/Special Armour’s 1/72 A4/V2 rocket. Twentyeight components are supplied across two runners. Engraved detail is impressive, with the surface featuring crisp panel lines and neat rivets, although the representation of the engine and thruster subassembly will be hidden when the model is completed. There are parts to build the launcher, with options for ready-to-fire or stowed configurations – the latter includes a six-piece towing trailer, which is effectively a mini-kit by itself. Four markings schemes are supplied: a chequerboard-patterned prototype dated October 3, 1942, plus three examples in military service between 1943-45. The missile is also available as part of a larger boxing, which contains an SS-100 Gigant heavy tractor and Meillerwagen trailer (03310).



Soviet Medium Tank T-28

By: Zvezda Item no: 3694

Price: £32.99 Web: www.hobbyco.net

There was a time when multiturreted tanks, such as the T-28, were seen as a viable solution to increasing firepower, but they are now viewed as an anachronism, although they are still fascinating subjects. Zvezda’s 1/35 scale offering is rather busy in terms of parts count, but this helps to capture the complex suspension and structures on the real vehicle, plus allowing more detail to be depicted, such as the main gun (with breech block) and DT machine guns, complete with drum-style magazines. No interior is supplied, but the exterior is impressive, with convincing rivets and provision for external stowage. The link-and-length tracks have the correct style of tread, while the turret antenna is supplied as a singlepiece item. Markings are included for four un-numbered T-28s:

8th Tk Div, Lviv, 1941

20th Tk Div, Finland, January 1940

1st Heavy Tk Bde, Belorusian Military District, autumn 1936

10th Tk Div, Ukraine, June 1941



8.8cm FlaK 36/37 with Crew

By: Rubicon Models

Item no: 280069 Price: £23

Web: www.rubiconmodels.co.uk

This flak gun and crew may be intended for wargaming, but the levels of refinement and detail also make it ideal for modellers. It can be built as either the FlaK 36 or 37 variants and in travel (on an Sd.Anh.202 trailer) or firing configuration – an eight-man crew is supplied for the latter, and there are spare 8.8cm ammunition cases, rounds (high-explosive and armour piercing) and a telescope and rangefinder for the battery commander. As such, all it needs is a revetment or suitable foliage to create a splendid diorama. All items are moulded crisply, with an absence of flash or blemishes, and there are options for different gun shields. The decal sheet is the highlight, though, with barrel or shield kill markings, unit and formation insignia and even rank slides and items for the crew helmets (depending on whether they are in the Wehrmacht of Luftwaffe).



Crusader Mk.III

By: IBG Models Item no: 72068

Price: €13 Web: www.ibg.com.pl

IBG has been quick to follow its Mk.I Crusader with the later Mk.III variant. Unsurprisingly, this new release shares three runners with the original, plus the excellent single-piece inner running gear and track components. All remaining parts are supplied on six new frames, addressing the changes to the upper hull, armament, turret shape and engine deck. The detail is excellent, rivalling that found in larger scales, while the cleverly designed tracks mean this is suitable for modellers of most skill levels. Sand shields are supplied as photo-etched brass items, with mounting brackets and reinforcement strips in the same material. Three schemes are provided, two in overall Olive drab, while the third is in Light Stone/ Dark Brown camouflage:

• T12565/2, Polish Forces in the West, UK, 1942

• White 3, 6th Armd Div, Tunisia, 1943

• T126799, North Africa, 1942



T-80UA Main Battle Tank

By: Modelcollect

Item no: UA72062 Price: US$21.99

Web: www.modelcollect.com

While its basic styrene kits have wowed modellers with their refinement, Modelcollect has continued to enhance its offerings. This T-80UA is a prime example, offering photo-etched brass extras and a turned metal main gun barrel. The former supplies flexible mud and turret flaps, engine grilles and parts for the turret-mounted remote weapon station. All components (supplied on 11 styrene runners) are moulded crisply, with delightful detail, Kontakt-5 reactive armour panels and Shtora-1 active protection sensors. There is a surprisingly high parts count for such a small model, but this enables the firm to include more features. Tracks are supplied in link-and-length configuration and these include guide horns on the interior surfaces, plus convincing tread patterns on the outer. A generic decal sheet is supplied with markings for Soviet/Russian Guards and standard units, plus East German and possibly Ukrainian machines.



T35-85 112 Factory Production

By: Airfix Item no: A1361

Price: £29.99 Web: www.airfix.com

Continuing the range of re-boxed Academy kits, Airfix has released this 1/35 T-34-85 as a ‘112 Factory Production’ machine, alluding to its place of manufacture. Components are supplied on 16 dark green styrene runners, with link-and-length tracks on a pair of black runners and engine grilles on a photo-etched brass fret. Panel lines are engraved finely, and a standout item is the upper track lengths, which feature accurate sag across their lengths, although smaller items will require minimal treatment for flash. Alternative parts are supplied for the markings options for World War Two and Korean War machines, plus additional information is given regarding items removed on each vehicle. The choices are:

White 342, 9th Tank Corps, Red Army, 1945

White ČZ-211, 1st Czechoslovak Tank Brigade, 1952



P 204 (f) with CDM Turret


Item no: 35377 Price: £15.99

Web: www.hannants.co.uk

ICM has re-released its 1/35 Panhard armoured reconnaissance vehicle as a German-operated Panzerspähwagen P 204 (f) Beutepanzer (trophy armour). This version is supplied with a CDM turret (which mounted a 47mm cannon); this is supplied on an additional runner, bringing the total count to five, plus four vinyl tyres. Surfaces feature delicate engraved detail, with grilles and rivets having a particularly fine appearance, plus convincing tread and logos/legends on the tyres. There’s a full interior, including a neat powerplant, controls and ammunition storage, making the kit ideal for a diorama in conjunction with ICM’s figure range. Two schemes are supplied:

• Red 1413 Jaguar, 1000th Aufklärungs Abtl, 89th Inf Div, Auvergne, France, summer 1944

• Red 1412, 1000th Aufklärungs Abtl, 89th Inf Div, Auvergne, France, summer 1944



Soviet Ball Tank with Winter Ski

By: MiniArt

Item no: 40008 Price: £39.99

Web: www.miniart-models.com

Modellers seeking something a little different should consider MiniArt’s wonderful ball-tank series, which elevates a ‘whatif’ subject to new levels. All the detail, refinement and moulding technology lavished on its other kits is present here, from the crisply moulded parts on 23 styrene runners, to the splendid engineering. Best of all, there’s a full interior, complete with engine and complex transmission, fuel tanks, spare ammunition, crew controls and seating for four gunners and a driver. The main cannon benefits from a convincing breech and there are also two heavy machine guns. There are six schemes, with varying styles of camouflage, from overall white to captured examples in Finnish/ German liveries, while the orangetoned vehicle makes it look even more outlandish; several have patriotic slogans on the sides, along with various artwork.



Russian Army Tank Transporter

By: Takom

Item no: 5004 Price: £42.99

Web: www.pocketbond.co.uk

Takom’s MAZ-537G and ChMZAP- 5247G combines the prime mover from its excellent Russian Army Tractors (5003) with a newly tooled semi-trailer. There are six styrene runners, plus two sets of nine vinyl tyres, a separate slide-moulded single-piece cab and a small photoetched brass fret. Moulded detail is excellent, notably on the wheel hubs and engine housing, while all parts are free from flash. The cab has a simplified interior, despite the large windscreen and side glazing, but the suspension on the tractor and trailer is superb – the latter also has a faithfully replicated gooseneck and an option for raised/lowered access ramps. Four schemes are supplied, for Afghan, Hungarian, Iranian or Russian Army machines, with camouflage varying from Russian Protective Green to two-tone desert schemes. The decal sheet supplies basic registration plates and national insignia, with most items destined for the tractor vehicle.