Valiant Wings has announced a reshuffle of its forthcoming titles, with a return for the first Airframe Detail guide covering the Blohm & Voss Bv 141 now preceding the release of an Airframe Album book on the Henschel Hs 129.

Valiant Wings Bv 141

The latter is now set for publication during mid-May – the pre-order offer, saving £1 from the £19.95 retail price plus a further £2 from delivery fees, has been extended to May 15, 2021.

Initially released in 2014, the Bv 141 guide launched the Airframe Detail series and was immediately popular with fans of the unusual asymmetric Luftwaffe reconnaissance type. Along with period and walk-round images, technical diagrams plus full-colour profiles, this re-issue contains updated information and appendices – including a kit listing.

Set for a May 5 release, a similar pre-order offer saves £1 from the £14.95 cover price plus £1 from the postage and packing costs – both books can be bought from:

Valiant Wings Hs 129 Airframe Album