Riddles BR 9F 2-10-0

The ‘9Fs’ were part of the last hurrah for steam on Britain’s main line network. They were part of the 999 BR Standard steam locomotives developed by Riddles in the early 1950s of which 251 were the mighty ‘9Fs’. Their 2-10-0 wheel arrangement, huge boiler and wide firebox which made them amongst the most powerful steam locomotive to operate on our railway system. Construction was carried out at Crewe and Swindon works with the very last BR built steam locomotive being ‘9F’ 92220 Evening Star which rolled off the production line in March 1960 to great fanfare. The BR 2-10-0 fleet continued in service through the 1960s, though withdrawals started as early as 1964 with the final locomotive being laid off in 1968. Nine have been preserved. In model form the '9F' has been made for 'OO' gauge by Hornby and Bachmann with Hornby releasing a brand-new version in Autumn 2022. 'N' gauge also benefits from a Dapol model. Read our full collection of '9F' related news, reviews and features here.

SERIES 8 Part 3: Digital Sound - installing ZIMO chips

Part 3 of our new digital sound video series is available now exclusively for Premium Subscribers. In this video we show how the ZIMO decoder family can be installed in a Bachmann Class 40 and a Hornby '9F' 2-10-0 with simple tools and readily available speakers.

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Bluetooth TXS for Hornby ‘9F’

Hornby’s recently retooled ‘OO’ gauge BR Standard ‘9F’ 2-10-0 (HM185) gains a new outing finished as 92002 in BR black with early crests – and the addition of the manufacturer’s new Bluetooth Triplex Sound (TXS).

Hornby Tyne Dock BR 9F 2-10-0 Review Premium

Tyne Dock ‘9F’ for ‘OO’ gauge

Hornby’s latest batch of ‘OO’ gauge BR ‘9F’ 2-10-0s includes one of the famed batch of Tyne Dock allocated locomotives. MIKE WILD inspects this new arrival.

VIDEO: 1960s Weathering Part Two | Steam Locomotives

In part two of our 1960s weathering series, we go to town on a pair of Hornby BR '9F' 2-10-0s as we create different weathered finishes for a BR Standard and Crosti locomotive using readily available Lifecolor acrylic paints and introduce airbrushing techniques. Watch now for free when you sign up for a free member account.

Hornby 9F sound installation guide Feature Premium

Locoman sound for the Hornby ‘9F’

The arrival of Hornby’s all-new and stunning model of the BR ‘9F’ 2-10-0 was a sound installation project too good to resist. MIKE WILD shows how you can install sound into the Hornby ‘9F’ as designed and with optional extras.

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Hornby RailRoad BR Crosti '9F' 2-10-0

Hornby introduced the RailRoad Crosti ‘9F’ 2-10-0 in 2015 offering an inspired choice of new freight motive power. MIKE WILD assesses this attractive ‘OO’ gauge offering.

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The Crosti ‘9Fs’ - a bold experiment

One of the most easily identifiable of the ‘standard’ classes was the small group of Crosti boilered ‘9F’ 2-10-0s, a peculiar design which had the chimney halfway down the boiler and which was anything but a success.

WIN! Hornby’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge BR ‘9F’ 2-10-0, worth £252.99

Hornby Magazine is offering the chance to win one of Hornby’s all-new ‘OO’ gauge BR ‘9F’ 2-10-0s in our exclusive competition, worth £252.99. The closing date for entries is 5pm GMT on November 25 2022.

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VIDEO: All-new BR '9F' from Hornby

In the 50th anniversary of Hornby Railways, an all-new version of the powerful BR '9F' 2-10-0 freight locomotives has been created. MIKE WILD finds out what is in store with extra online only images and video.

Hornby ‘9F’ gains colour

Hornby has received the first decorated samples of its all-new ‘OO’ gauge BR ‘9F’ 2-10-0 for evaluation.