Accurascale unveil ‘Warwell’ production samples

Accurascale has unveiled final production samples of their forthcoming ‘Warwell’ bogie well wagons for ‘OO’ gauge.

These wagons were originally part of the Hatton’s Originals range and were acquired by Accurascale in early 2024.

BR brown Warwell bogie wagon.

Four different liveries are planned, including War Department grey in GWR, LNER and LMS variations, MOD green in 1960s, 1970s and 2000s options, along with BR grey and BR brown colour schemes. The later MOD green variants (1970s/2000s) will feature Gloucester GPS bogies while the remaining examples will sport diamond frame bogies.

Available exclusively through the Accurascale website some, each is priced at  £25 per wagon. Production is now complete and release is scheduled for April 2024.

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