Colour for Hornby ‘TT:120’ wagons

Hornby has received decorated samples for several of its all-new ‘TT:120’ scale projects, including the forthcoming 21ton mineral and HAA Merry-Go-Round (MGR) coal hopper wagons.


The manufacturer is releasing the 21ton mineral wagons in three colour schemes including Glenhafod black (Cat No. TT6017), BR grey (TT6016) and BR bauxite (TT6015) – the latter example featuring prototypical brake gear underneath.


Meanwhile, decorated samples of the manufacturer’s newly-tooled ‘TT:120’ scale HAA MGR coal hoppers have also arrived, with three BR Railfreight red cradle models (351134-36) and three BR Trainload Coal yellow cradle hoppers (354496, 354497 and 354499) appearing (Cat Nos. TT6013/A/B and TT6014/A/B respectively).


Priced at £20.49 each, the 21ton mineral wagons are set to appear next Spring, while the HAA hoppers are scheduled for release during Summer 2024.

Visit Hornby for more information.