Dapol Class 66 EP lands

Dapol Class 66 EP lands

hm172_dapol_66_ep_2_lrDapol has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) sample of its newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge Class 66 diesel for assessment by the company’s development team.

First announced in late 2019, Dapol’s Class 66 tooling suite will enable standard and low-emission models to be produced, with prototypical detail variations reflected such as ventilation and welds, door positions, cab windows, fuel tanks, cab mirrors (where appropriate), horn grilles, step positioning, rectangular or oval buffers, headlight styles, cab front loop locations and more.


The specification also includes a heavy die-cast metal chassis, twin motors, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) socket, independent directional lighting, cab lighting, cab console illumination, etched see-through bodyside grilles and rotating axle covers.


Dapol is producing six standard ‘O' gauge models in the first batch which will appear as 66001 in EWS maroon and gold (Cat No. 7D-066-001), 66504 in Freightliner Powerhaul colours (7D-066-002), 66709 Sorrento in GB Railfreight/MSC livery (7D-066-003), 66421 in Direct Rail Services livery (7D-066-004), 66789 British Rail 1948-1997 in GBRf/BR large logo blue (7D-066-005) and 66783 The Flying Dustman in GBRf/Biffa red (7D-066-006). Each will be available DCC ready, DCC fitted and DCC sound fitted. In addition, five ‘O’ gauge Class 66s are also being produced as retailer exclusives - click here for more details,.


Prices are set at £336.38 DCC ready, £367.43 DCC fitted and £445 DCC sound-fitted.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.