Faux teak finish for ‘O’ gauge Thompsons

Faux teak finish for ‘O’ gauge Thompsons


Ellis Clark Trains (ECT) has revealed progress on its forthcoming ‘O’ gauge London North Eastern Railway (LNER) Thompson carriages in faux teak finish, with decorated samples arriving for evaluation.


Manufactured for ECT by Darstaed, 15 vehicles are due to appear in the simulated teak effect finish carried by the prototypes in the late 1940s to match the LNER’s existing wooden-bodied Gresley carriage fleet.

Models planned in faux teak include Corridor Third (TK), Corridor Brake Third (BTK), Corridor Brake Composite (BCK), Corridor First (FK), Restaurant First with Kitchen (RF) , Restaurant Third Open/Third Open (RTO/TO) and Full Brakes (BG).


The specification includes fully-decorated brass sides, detailed die-cast underframe, compensated die-cast bogies, magnetic corridor connections, sprung buffers, Kadee couplings, fully detailed interior and lighting.


Priced at £229 each, further discounts are available for multiple purchases. The first releases of ECT's new ‘O’ gauge Thompson carriages are anticipated to appear later this year.

Visit www.ellisclarktrains.co.uk for more information.