Fence Houses - North East coal operations in 'OO'

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 1960s | Region: North East | Operating Team: Ian Forsyth and friends

Fence Houses by Ian Forsyth in OO gauge.

Fence Houses models a busy National Coal Board (NCB) shed in the industrial North East to the south west of Sunderland with an eclectic collection of industrial locomotives operating alongside main line BR motive power.

Fence Houses is mainly a NCB site, but there is a busy transfer of empty and full coal wagons from the BR system, although no BR locomotives are based here they can be coaled and watered as required. NCB locomotives are serviced and repaired here as well as being based at the shed.

Many of the materials needed to run a coal mine and its industries are also supplied by rail, so steel beams, pipes and more will arrive at the small yard. There may even be a short railtour arriving!

NCB traffic can run on all lines, the line at the back of the layout is a shared user line with BR and this is the only line BR locomotives are allowed to use.

Many of the locomotives are kit built and joined by ready-to-run products from Bachmann, Hornby and others. All stock is weathered and detailed. Working signals are by Dapol.

We hope you enjoy seeing Fence Houses and feel free to ask the operating team any questions about the layout. Fence Houses featured in HM164.

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