Hornby shows APT-P 3D sample

Hornby revealed a stereo 3D sample of its recently announced ‘OO’ gauge model of British Rail’s Advanced Passenger Train - Prototype (APT-P) in January.

The all-new APT-P model will be produced as a five-car pack finished as set 370003/370004 (Cat No. R3873) as well as a seven-car pack as set 370001/370002 (R3874). One NDM vehicle in each is set to feature a centrally mounted five-pole skew wound motor, while the second NDM in the seven-coach pack will be unpowered.

Additional trailer cars to bolster both sets will be offered in twin packs (HM152), while motorised NDM 49004 (R3948) will also be available separately to complete a full 14-car set for 370003/370004.

Prices are set at £484.99 for the seven-car set, £394.99 for the five-car pack, £89.99 for the two-car addon packs and £109.99 for the single motorised NDM. Delivery is currently anticipated in December 2020.

Visit www.hornby.com for more details.