Kato Class 800 IET for 'N' takes shape

Kato Class 800 IET for 'N' takes shape

Gaugemaster has shared images of development work on Kato's forthcoming 'N' gauge (1:148) Class 800 five-car InterCity Express Train (IET).


These sleek new Bi-Mode InterCity Express Trains have transformed services on the GWR and LNER networks, with further examples appearing with other operators too.


Kato's initial releases will appear as 800021 in GWR green (Cat No. K10-1671) and 800209 in LNER 'Azuma' livery (K10-1674) as a five-car train pack. Both models will also be offered as a premium starter train set within the Gaugemaster Collection containing either GWR 800021 (Cat No. GM2000103) or LNER 800209 (GM2000104) which will also contain a Kato M1 track set, analogue controller (DC), UK power pack and re-railer.


Kato's new 'N' gauge Class 800s are Digital Command Control (DCC) ready and feature directional lighting, together with the ability to couple to another five-car set, to form prototypical length trains.


Prices are set at £209.95 for the train packs and £249.95 for the premium train sets. Delivery is planned for later this year.


Visit www.gaugemaster.com for more information.