‘N’ gauge Newton Chambers car transporters progress


Sonic Models has received the latest Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its all-new ‘N’ gauge Newton Chambers car transporters.


Built in 1961, these car transporters were most commonly found on Anglo Scottish expresses. They could carry six cars with a maximum total weight of 12tons.

Sonic Models’ all-new tooling will cater for early and late styles of the vehicles, reflecting skylight differences, buffer beam detail and later ETH equipment.


Two liveries are planned - British Railways (BR) maroon and BR blue and grey, with a selection of different running numbers across six 'N' gauge triple-vehicle packs – three in BR maroon and three in BR blue and grey. Decorated samples are due in early 2024.


Priced at £124.95 per triple vehicle pack, release is anticipated during the second quarter of 2024.

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