Rapido 'Toad' ready to order

RAPIDO TRAINS UK has opened the order book for its new 'OO' gauge model of the Great Western railway diagram AA20 'Toad' brake van.

Rapido Trains UK Toad

The model was announced as part of Rapido's The Titfield Thunderbolt product range. The 1934 introduced AA20 'Toad' is now being offered as a separate item in GWR and BR liveried. 

Rapido Trains UK Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Foster said: "We know that there is plenty of choice out there when it comes to GWR 'Toads' in 'OO' gauge. We're just lucky that the film-makers chose a diagram which has not yet been offered ready-to-run!"

Rapido Trains UK Toad

The specification for the AA20 'Toad' includes options for short and long rain strips, high and low footboards, spoked and disc wheels plus interior detail, a removable roof and NEM coupling pockets.

Ten different versions priced at £39.95 each are planned in the first production run with release anticipated in late 2022. The 'Toad' models are:

  • 114765 with large GW letters in grey and Hereford Barton lettering - Cat No. 918001
  • 68777 with large GW letters in grey and Newton Abbot lettering - Cat No. 918002
  • 68784 with large GW letters in grey and East Depot lettering - Cat No. 918003
  • 17295 with small GWR lettering in grey - Cat No. 918004
  • 68764 with small GWR lettering in grey - Cat No. 918005
  • W68868 in BR grey with Leamington lettering - Cat No. 918006
  • W114751 in BR grey with Worcester R.U. lettering - Cat No. 918007
  • W114764 in BR grey with Yeovil Pen Mill RU lettering - Cat No. 918008
  • DW17247 in WR departmental grey - Cat No. 918009
  • DW17244 in engineer's yellow with ZXO TOPS codes - Cat No. 918010

Rapido Trains UK Toad

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