WIA car carriers next in ‘OO’ and ‘N’

Revolution Trains is to produce ‘OO’ and ‘N’ gauge models of the WIA car carriers.

Sixty five-car double-deck sets of the enclosed wagons were ordered in 1994 by Railfreight Distribution in anticipation of the Channel Tunnel opening that year. They have been used in Belgium, Italy and France and today can be seen transporting cars to Southampton Docks. Present-day car flows include Minis from Cowley and Jaguars from Castle Bromwich.

Revolution Trains is planning articulation units that will allow the wagons to navigate second radius curves, with a customer-fitted outer control box available if the tension lock coupling is removed.

Revolution’s Ben Ando said: “Transporting motor vehicles has long been an important traffic for the railway, and since we’ve already produced the Cartic-4s and IPAs in both ‘OO’ and ‘N’, it makes sense for us to ‘complete the set’ of car carriers.”

Revolution’s Mike Hale added: “We’d like to thank DB Cargo for their assistance with this model, and it should be noted that these wagons allow modellers to depict fully-loaded car trains without the need to buy any model cars!”

Computer Aided Design work for the model is complete, and tooling will start when enough orders have been received. Prices and release dates have yet to be confirmed.

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