Revolution Trains

Exclusive Class 59s in ’N’ for KMRC

Kernow Model Rail Centre has commissioned two all-new ‘N’ gauge Class 59 diesels from Revolution Trains.

Nuclear Vision

Revolution Trains has received the first Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of its forthcoming ‘OO’ FNA-D nuclear flask wagons.

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'OO' Rover 'Cubes' from Revolution

Revolution Trains has revealed plans to produce newly-tooled models of the KSA Rover 'cube' wagons for 'OO' gauge.

Revolution Trains reveals four new 'N' gauge projects


Four all-new ‘N’ gauge projects were revealed by Revolution Trains at the recent International ‘N’ Gauge Show in September.


Revolution Trains Class 59 gains colour

Decorated samples of Revolution Trains all-new ’N’ gauge Class 59 diesel locomotives have arrived for inspection.

Revolution Trains HOA hoppers near production

Revolution Trains has received decorated pre-production samples of its upcoming HOA hopper wagons for ‘OO’ gauge, bringing the project into the final stages of development before being cleared for production.

Revolution receives Alcan PCA EP


Revolution Trains has received the first engineering prototype (EP) sample of its forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge Alcan PCA alumina powder wagon for scrutiny by the development team.


UPDATED: All-new Alcan PCAs for ‘OO’

Revolution Trains is to produce a newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge model of the distinctive alumina PC020A PCA tank wagons.

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Hornby Magazine July 2022

Welcome to the latest issue of Hornby Magazine - HM181, July 2022. Highlights of this issue include a full guide to repainting a Hornby 'West Country' as the Severn Valley Railway's Elizabeth II, Russell Pigott's superb Cley-on-Sea 'OO' gauge home layout, the latest model reviews, step by step modelling guides and more. Read the full magazine in PDF format here and check out our latest video content in the Video Features section.

Revolutionary Class 93 develops

Development of Revolution Trains’ forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge model of the Stadler tri-mode Class 93 Bo-Bo is progressing well, with the manufacturer revealing the latest CAD drawings for the project.