Eight new exclusive JNA-Ts for the Key Model World Shop

Popularity of the first batch of eight Revolution Trains ‘OO’ gauge JNA-T wagons in Royal Blue with and without Cappagh branding has led Key Publishing to commission a second batch of eight wagons which will be arriving with the first in the third quarter of 2024.

Revolution Trains JNA-T for Key Publishing.

The first batch sold through quickly, and to meet market demand, a further eight wagons have been commissioned. These will feature new running numbers together with the same exacting level of detail and will allow modellers to replicate a rake of 16 individually numbered wagons to form DC Rail aggregates trains.

The new batch features four Cappagh branded Royal Blue JNA-Ts and four unbranded Royal Blue JNA-Ts. For this production run, a tail lamp equipped wagon is being produced with Cappagh branding. The Cappagh wagons selected are 8170 5500 714-7 (Cat No. OO-EAL-107H), 8170 5500 716-2 (OO-EAL-1071), 8170 5500 722-0 (OO-EAL-107J) and 8170 5500 733-7 with a flashing tail lamp (OO-EAL-107X). The unbranded Royal Blue wagons will be 8170 5500 654-5 (OO-EAL-107K), 8170 5500 657-8 (OO-EAL-107M), 8170-5500 698-2 (OO-EAL-107N) and 8170 5500 701-4 (OO-EAL-107O).

All eight versions are available to pre-order exclusively from the Key Model World Shop with a non-refundable £5 deposit per wagon. The full price is £48.95 for standard versions and £52.95 for the tail lamp fitted wagon. Delivery is expected in the third quarter of 2024.

Visit the Key Model World Shop for more information.