Class 31

The Brush Class 31 Type 2 A1A-A1A diesel-electrics were built between 1957 and 1962 with a total of 263 locomotives being completed. They saw service across nearly all points of the British Railway network in their long-career. Examples are still active on the main line today while more than 20 have been preserved. The Class 31 has been a popular choice for ready-to-run models in 'OO' gauge, 'N' gauge and 'O' gauge with products from Lima, Hornby, Airfix, Heljan and Graham Farish. Check out our full collection of Class 31 news, features, reviews and videos here.

Accurascale product update interview Feature Premium

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Accurascale product update


Accurascale has grown rapidly since it launched its first products in 2018. MARK CHIVERS meets with Project Manager STEVE PURVES to catch up on the latest progress with its ever-expanding collection of ‘OO’ gauge locomotives and rolling stock with exclusive online only images and video.


Accurascale reveals Network Rail Class 31 plans


Accurascale has added a pair of ‘OO’ gauge Network Rail Class 31 A1A-A1A diesels to the release schedule for its forthcoming all-new ready-to-run models.

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National Collection Class 31 for Locomotion Models


Locomotion Models has commissioned an exclusive all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 31 from Accurascale finished as the National Collection’s 31018 in BR blue.


Key Publishing launches limited edition Coal Sector Class 31


The Key Publishing Limited Edition collection is expanding with an exclusive model of Coal Sector liveried Class 31 31276 Calder Hall Power Station with Accurascale for ‘OO’ gauge.


Accurascale adds new Class 31 and 50 exclusives


Accurascale has revealed details of further planned exclusives for its all-new ‘OO’ gauge Class 31 and Class 50 diesel locomotives, as part of its Accurascale Exclusives range.


Golden Ochre ‘31’ in ‘N’ for KMRC

Kernow Model Rail Centre (KMRC) is commissioning an ‘N’ gauge Class 31 from Graham Farish, finished as D5579 in BR golden ochre.

Heljan enters ‘TT’ market

Heljan has revealed plans for an all-new British 1:120 scale ‘TT’ range with the launch of a newly-tooled Class 31/1 A1A-A1A diesel locomotive.

Trip cock Class 31s join Accurascale pool

Accurascale is expanding its recently announced all-new 'OO' gauge Class 31 collection with the addition of the trip-cock fitted locomotives which operated over London Underground routes on suburban services.

QUIZ: Test your knowledge of the Class 31s

With the announcement of an all-new 'OO' gauge model of the Class 31 from Accurascale, KeyModelWorld presents a new quiz to test your knowledge of the Brush Type 2s. Share your scores online at the Hornby Magazine Facebook page and let us know how you got on.

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All-new 'OO' Brush Type 2 for Accurascale

Accurascale has revealed an all-new Brush Class 31 A1A-A1A diesel for ‘OO’ gauge. Join us for this special feature including exclusive images and TWO video features.