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A baby-boomer REMEMBERS

KEEPING TRACK We asked Hornby Magazine model maker TIM SHACKLETON...

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Hornby Magazine September 2019

The latest issue of Hornby Magazine features 164 pages of modelling content with highlights including first reviews of the Bachmann ‘8K’ 2-8-0 for ‘OO', Graham Farish ‘C’ 0-6-0 for ’N’, Hornby’s new Mk 2F carriages for ‘OO’ and much more.

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REVIEWS FEATURE Graham Farish has delivered its new Wainwright...

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New Arrıvals

RAILWAY REALISM The real-life railway system is currently...

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Newhaven HARBOUR

Needing a new exhibition layout, Wirral and Wigan Finescale Railway...

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Heljan delivers NEW CLASS 07s

REVIEWS FOR ‘OO’ Price: £139.95 Cat No: 2905 Site:...

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Miniature populationn

EQUIPMENT GUIDE A miniature population makes a huge...

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The variety and spectacle of Bristol’s railways in the changeover...

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