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Hornby’s ‘TT:120’ Stanier ‘Duchess’ progresses


Development of Hornby’s new tooling for the ‘TT:120’ scale London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS) ‘Princess Coronation’ 4-6-2 is progressing well, with design work now complete.

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Dapol upscales the ‘08’


The rise in popularity for ‘O’ gauge ready-to-run is set for steep increase with the arrival of Dapol’s Class 08 diesel shunter. MIKE WILD reviews this new arrival and assesses it abilities on the track.

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Class 08 Diesel Shunters


The Class 08 diesel shunters are amongst the most successful locomotives ever to run on Britain’s railways – yet they are often ignored by enthusiasts and modellers. EVAN GREEN-HUGHES argues this is a situation which should change. 

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UPDATED: Bachmann Summer British Railway Announcements 2023


The Bachmann summer 2023 British Railway Announcements are here, with more than 170 new models planned across the company's ranges. MARK CHIVERS looks at what's on offer in the coming months

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Pete Waterman and the Railnuts Group have taken on their biggest challenge yet to create a scale model of Milton Keynes Central station in ‘OO’ gauge. MIKE WILD catches up with the latest progress.Photography, Mike Wild.

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In the third instalment of our diesel depot series, MIKE WILD explains how the backscenes were fitted and how the depot was detailed to create a realistic scene.

Hornby SR Lord Nelson 4-6-0 Review Premium

Hornby’s ‘Lord Nelson’ for 'OO' gauge


Hornby's 'OO' gauge 'Lord Nelson' 4-6-0 made its debut in 2019. With a new batch on the horizon, MIKE WILD takes a closer look at this Southern Railway express locomotive.


Key Publishing launch large logo Class 40 limited edition


Join Mike Wild and Mark Chivers for the launch of our latest limited edition model featuring the pre-production sample in our video Premiere.


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Latest model railway videos

Flying Scotsman sound installation guide Feature Premium


The National Collection’s famous Gresley ‘A3’ became a must-have addition to the roster for our modern era layout, West Coast Cement. MIKE WILD explains how he installed a Zimo sound decoder, stay alive, speaker and firebox flicker into the popular Hornby ‘Pacific’.

Class 37/4 from Heljan Review Premium

Heljan’s ‘O’ gauge Class 37/4


The fleet of 31 ETH fitted Class 37/4s have had a strong following since their introduction in the mid-1980s. MIKE WILD reviews Heljan’s new 7mm scale model of this popular class which is bringing a fresh splash of colour to its range.

Mossdale viaduct Feature Premium


The spectacular scenery of the Settle & Carlisle line around Garsdale gave COLIN FISHER all the inspiration he needed to develop this impressive ‘OO’ gauge loft layout which models the route in the days of corporate blue. Photography, Mike Wild.

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Making Class 37s’GROWL’

The English Electric Type 3 is one of the most popular diesel locomotives and it has been the subject of many models over the years. MIKE WILD tackles the Bachmann and ViTrains ‘OO’ models in this double sound installation.

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Darstaed delivers 7mm scale Mk 1s

Ellis Clark Trains teamed up with Darstead – a renowned name in ‘O’ gauge tinplate locomotives and rolling stock – to produce a new range of BR Mk 1 63ft 6in corridor carriages for 7mm scale which were first released in 2018.

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Kernow’s 4-TC debuts

Southern Region multiple units have gained much popularity since introduction of the Bachmann 4-CEP in 2009, but now we have a go anywhere unpowered 4-TC unit available too. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at this surprisingly enticing and versatile offering.

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Inspired by the lonely West Highland Line outpost, MARK DARRAGH set out to build this pretty but isolated station in ‘OO’ gauge. Photography, Nigel Burkin.

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Latest model railway reviews

DRM speedometer Review Premium

DRM speedometer

If you have ever wondered how fast your model locomotives are travelling, then wonder no more as this digital speed sensor should provide the answer.

Hobbytrax CDU Review Premium

Hobby Trax CDU

New from Hobby Trax are these Tyson Capacitor Discharge Units (CDUs), suitable for use with all solenoid point motors. A CDU stores electricity on board to provide instant power when changing power demanding solenoid point motors.

Routemex signals Review Premium

Routemex ‘pick and mix’

Routemex has introduced a new modular junction signal system to its range of ‘O’ gauge signal kits. Differing slightly from previous kits, the new system revolves around a junction signal post kit to which your choice of signal head and route indicator can be added.

Acquired Wagons of British Railways book review Review Premium

The Acquired Wagons of British Railways Vol. 3

This third volume in the series from OPC focuses on the wooden-bodied coal wagons built for private owners and railway companies from 1923 and absorbed by British Railways on Nationalisation.

Class 50s book review Review Premium

Last Years of the Class 50s

Strathwood Publishing's latest large format landscape book provides an ideal showcase for the final chapter of British Rail’s Class 50s in regular service, looking at the last 15 years or so of main line operations between 1980 and 1994.

Hornby Dublo Technical Manual Review Premium

Hornby Dublo Technical Manual

Researched and compiled by David B. Neale, a founding member of the Hornby Railway Collectors Association of Australia, the manual aims to offer a complete technical guide for the servicing and maintenance of Hornby-Dublo models.

South Yorkshire Railways Review Premium

South Yorkshire Railways

This recent picture volume from Amberley Books presents a nostalgic look at rail operations in and around South Yorkshire, primarily during the 1980s. Since then, the railway has changed with some of the scenes no longer possible as collieries, depots and even routes have closed.

Steam's Lament book review Review Premium

Steam’s Lament: Bulleid’s locomotives

New from Strathwood Publishing, this latest edition in the series covers O.V.S. Bulleid’s ‘Merchant Navy’ 4-6-2s, ‘Q1’ 0-6-0s, ‘Leader’ 0-6-6-0Ts, plus diesel and electric designs.

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