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RailRoad Class 101 returns

Hornby’s enduring Class 101 DMU is back, offering an important train for BR era modellers. BEN CHURCH sees if it stands up to present-day scrutiny.

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Railways Remembered: North East England

First in a new series called ‘Railways Remembered’, this new publication from Crecy is a well-produced and high-quality look back at the railways in North East England from the 1950s to 1970s. The book covers steam, diesel and electric traction on main lines and the region’s many industrial railways.

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Class 68s in Profile

Another recent addition from Key Publishing is this in-depth look at Direct Rail Services’ (DRS) Class 68s. The company ordered an initial 15 in 2012 to complete the replacement of its elderly Class 20s, but the Stadler-built locomotives have proved far more versatile.

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GWR five-plank opens roll in

EXPANSION of Rapido Trains UK’s ‘OO’ gauge range continues with the arrival of its newly-tooled versatile five-plank open wagon. 

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Peco Expands ‘O’ Track Range

Peco has added ‘O’ gauge code 143 flat bottom rail concrete sleeper flexible track to its range.

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Class 59 Revolution

The General Motors Class 59 Co-Co diesels were a revolution in freight haulage on the British railway network on arrival, but can Revolution Trains do the same for ‘N’ gauge with its all-new model of the design? MIKE WILD finds out.

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Railways around York: Four decades of change

York has always been a nexus for the railways, and the imposing station built by the North Eastern Railway was at the time of its construction the largest in the world.

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‘N15’ completes ‘Big Four’ Centenary collection

The final component of Hornby’s ‘Big Four’ collection, celebrating 100 years since the 1923 Grouping, arrived in early April with the release of its ‘OO’ gauge Southern Railway (SR) ‘N15’ 4-6-0 741 Joyous Gard (Cat No. R30273). 

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Latest model railway videos

Rapido Trains UK Lion for OO gauge Review Premium

Rapido’s Lion

In our first look at Rapido’s all-new model of Liverpool and Manchester Railway 0-4-2 Lion, MIKE WILD discovers what it has to offer.

Making Tracks: The Grand Challenge

Pete Waterman and the Railnuts are making final preparations to put all three Making Tracks layouts together for the first time at the 2023 Great Electric Train Show. We visited the Making Tracks Workshop to catch up with the latest progress with Pete and the team with exclusive video.

VIDEO: Cavalex Models Class 56 and wagon projects update

Cavalex Models visited the Key Model World Workshop to showcase the latest version of the sound file for its all-new 'OO' gauge Class 56 together with decorated samples of its PHA and JHA bogie wagons. Join us for exclusive video and sign up to read our full feature.

Sonic Models GCR 'A5' 4-6-2T with ZIMO sound from Digitrains. Feature Premium

Upgrading Sonic Models GCR ‘A5’ 4-6-2T

Sonic Models’ GCR ‘A5’ 4-6-2T has been designed for simple sound installation, but with simple upgrades it can be enhanced further. MIKE WILD shows how.

White Meadow Quarry in 'N' gauge. Feature Premium

White Meadow Quarry 'N' gauge layout

Childhood memories from the Croydon area inspired RAY TAYLOR and ANNA BASS to build White Meadow Quarry. This busy 'N' gauge layout combines main line and industrial railways in an unusual setting. Discover its story in word, pictures and video.

Accurascale Manor for OO gauge Review Premium

Accurascale ‘Manor’ Debut

The GWR ‘Manor’ 4-6-0 is the first ready-to-run steam locomotive to be produced by Accurascale. MIKE WILD inspects a DCC ready and DCC sound fitted version to find out what is in store.

Revolution Trains SR Inspection Saloon Caroline for OO gauge. Review Premium

Revolution’s SR Inspection Saloon

The unique lines of the Southern Region General Manager’s Inspection Saloon have been recreated in ‘OO’ gauge by Revolution Trains. MIKE WILD takes a closer look at this highly-detailed coach.

Bachmann Collector Club Blue Linda for OO9 gauge. Review Premium

Bachmann Collectors’ Ffestiniog 2-4-0STT Linda

The latest Bachmann Collectors Club limited edition offers the first chance to own one of the Ffestiniog Mainline Hunslets in 2-4-0STT format. MIKE WILD reviews this new arrival.

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Latest model railway reviews

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‘Big Four’ Fowler ‘4P’

With the first half of Hornby’s ‘Big Four’ collection having already arrived (HM200), commemorating the centenary of the formation of the ‘Big Four’, the latest representative in the quartet of models is now available in the form of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS) Fowler ‘4P’ 2-6-4T.

Kernow Model Rail Centre GWR Steam Railmotor. Review Premium

Kernow GWR Steam Railmotor

A decade after its announcement, BEN CHURCH reviews this distinctive GWR train and asks whether the wait has been worthwhile.

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Speedlink Freight

From Crecy Publishing comes this comprehensive guide to the ill-fated Speedlink wagon service, employed by British Railways from 1977 to 1991.

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Scottish Evolution

In this 57th volume of Britain’s Railway Series, Ian Lothian turns his attention to the railways of central Scotland showing how they, the landscape, motive power and usage have changed over the last 40 years.

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Welsh Inspiration

North Wales, the Snowdonia National Park and its surrounding landscape offer picturesque views of coasts, mountains, valleys and hills. Combined with the traditional slate industry that dominated the area, the region’s railways traverse very harsh environments whether on the North Wales Coast line or through the mountains.

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BR Wagons Vol. 5

This latest volume in the series from Crecy about the acquired wagons of British Railways covers open goods wagons and continues from its predecessors and other books by David Larkin, providing a wealth of knowledge and insight.

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Colourful Class 31s

New from Key Publishing comes this illustrated guide for one of the most unappreciated British diesel designs. The Class 31s were built by Brush Traction from 1957 to 1962 and were born out of the modernisation plan of 1955, which called for the wholesale replacement of steam with diesel and electric traction on a like-for-like basis.

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1980s Motive Power

At the dawn of the 1980s the East Coast Main Line (ECML) was still the domain of the legendary Class 55 ‘Deltics’. Change was imminent though, as the 1980s saw the culling of several classic British diesel designs.

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