Charwelton into the '80s in OO gauge

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 1980s | Region: Midland | Operating team: CBM Diesel Group

Charwelton into the '80s by the CBM Diesel Group.

Above: A Class 56 approaches Charwelton with a rake of HAA merry-go-round coal hoppers.

The layout is based on the real location of Charwelton on the former Great central Railway (GCR). The GCR closed in the 1960s and the layout seen here is our vision if the line had still been open in the 1980s. It is built to 'OO' gauge finescale, 4mm:1ft.

The layout was originally built to be operated using DC and has been converted to DCC. We’ve refurbished the layout to bring the infrastructure and scenery into the era of BR in the 1980s. The locomotives and rolling stock used have been detailed, renumbered in some cases, weathered and fitted with DCC sound.

Charwelton into the '80s by the CBM Diesel Group.

The stock is run in prototypical formations that are known to have operated on the line before its closures in the '60s, replaced with period correct stock for the '80s, along with some formations that we have seen in photographs that took our fancy and we feel are worth modelling.

If you have any questions, then please ask one of the operating team.

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