Clayton Class 18 CADS complete


Development of Revolution Trains’ new ‘OO’ gauge model of the Clayton Class 18 CBD-90 Bo-Bo hybrid industrial shunter continues apace with CAD work now complete.

More than 20 of the battery powered shunters are under construction for use with TATA steel, Sellafield Limited and Beacon Rail. In addition to their onboard battery power packs, the locomotives also include a small diesel engine to provide additional charging capability if mains power is unavailable.


Six ‘OO’ gauge models are planned initially, finished as Sellafield Limited No. 1 (Cat No. RT-CBD80-SE-A/SF), Sellafield Limited No. 2 (RT-CBD80-SE-B/SF), TATA Steel No. 931 (RT-CBD80-TS-A/SF), TATA Steel No. 932 (RT-CBD80-TS-B/SF), Beacon Rail (single headlight variant) Class 18 (RT-CL18-BE-001/SF) and Beacon Rail (BMAC light cluster variant) Class 18 (RT-CL18-BE-008/SF).


The models will feature a heavy die-cast chassis, five-pole motor, all-wheel pick-up, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC)interface, stay-alive and anti-flicker capability, switchable working buffer beam and cab lighting, sprung buffers and solid or flashing warning lights (where appropriate). The model’s tooling suite will also enable variations to headlights and light clusters to be represented.


Available exclusively through Rails of Sheffield, prices are set at £179.95 DCC ready and £279.95 DCC sound-fitted. A release date has yet to be confirmed.

Visit Revolution Trains and Rails of Sheffield for more information.