Dapol unveils O&K hoppers for ‘N’

Dapol unveils O&K hoppers for ‘N’


Dapol has unveiled plans for a set of newly-tooled ‘N’ gauge Orenstein and Koppel (O&K) 102tonne JHA hopper wagons to accompany its recently restarted Class 59 Co-Co diesel project (HM171).

Built in the late 1980s for Foster Yeoman, they were introduced for use with the company’s new Class 59 diesels and remain in use on today’s Mendip Rail aggregate operations.


Like the recently-released ‘OO’ gauge models, Dapol’s newly-tooled ‘N’ gauge wagons will feature a diecast chassis and appear in outer and inner wagon form. The outer wagons will feature conventional buffers at one end together with a removable (non-working) tail lamp, while the other end will match the non-buffer inner wagons. Inter-vehicle couplings will make use of a NEM-compatible dummy buckeye coupling bar.


Liveries planned cover original and late Foster Yeoman colours with two outer and three inner hopper wagons appearing in each scheme, including 19303 (Cat No. 2F-050-001), 19311 (2F-050-002), 19335 (2F-050-101), 19337 (2F-050-102) and 19349 (2F-050-103) in original livery, together with 19306 (2F-050-003), 19313 (2F-050-004), 19361 (2F-050-104), 19370 (2F-050-105) and 19398 (2F-050-106) in the later colour scheme.

Currently in tooling, prices are set at £39.95 each. Release is anticipated during Q3/Q4 2022.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.