Decorated ‘N’ TPE Mk 5s surface

Decorated ‘N’ TPE Mk 5s surface


Decorated samples of Revolution Trains’ all-new ‘N’ gauge Mk 5a carriages in TransPennine Express (TPE) livery have arrived for assessment.

Introduced by TPE for use on services between Scarborough, Middlesbrough, York, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, the five-car ‘Nova 3’ sets operate in push-pull mode with Class 68 diesel locomotives. Each set comprises a driving trailer, three standard trailers (one with a cycling bay) and a First Class trailer with kitchen.


Revolution Trains’ newly-tooled ‘N’ gauge models will be offered as two accurate five-car sets with detailed interiors and separately applied detailing including photo-etched grilles and wire handrails.


Following detailed assessment and feedback to the factory, production is expected to begin soon with delivery anticipated in late summer.


Priced at £225 per five-car pack, pre-orders are being taken now with the order book expected to close at the end of February.


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