Ellis Clark unveils new ‘Black Five’ drawings

Ellis Clark unveils new
‘Black Five’ drawings

Brand new CAD drawings have been revealed for Ellis Clark Trains new ‘O’ gauge model of the Stanier ‘Black Five’ 4-6-0 which have been generated fresh from the ground up by the company’s new in-house CAD designer.

ECT Black Five

The Stanier ‘Black Five’ was announced in 2019 (HM148) as a joint project with Darstaed Trains, though the 4-6-0 will now be produced by Ellis Clark Trains. Ellis Clark commented: “The ‘Black Five’ will now come solely under the Ellis Clark Trains brand, as opposed to Ellis Clark Trains/Darstaed. Nothing has changed between ourselves and Darstaed, we are continuing to work closely with them and will do so for years to come.”

ECT Black Five

ECT Black Five

The new CAD drawings are near completion and subject to final amendments and checking in late October/early November. Adjustments required include the addition of sand pipes, cab doors, the fall plate and cab fixings. Upgrading of the ‘Black Five’ drawings mean the model is now expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Prices remain set at £949 DCC ready and £1,199 DCC sound fitted with a smoke generator. The specification includes die-cast and plastic construction, ABC Helical gearbox, Maxon motor, compensated axles, removable working lamps, firebox glue, a choice of revited and welded tenders, LMS and BR liveries and more.

Visit www.ellisclarktrains.co.uk for full details.