KR Models plan Leader and DHP1!

KR Models plans Leader
and DHP1 for 'OO'!

KR Models has revealed bold plans to develop two historic prototype locomotives for 'OO' gauge - Bulleid's radical vision for the future of steam design - Leader - and Clayton's experimental Rolls Royce engined diesel-hydraulic DHP1.

Both projects were revealed on July 4 offering new additions to KR Models portfolio which includes current projects to produce a ready-to-run model of unique gas turbine prototype GT3 and 'Fell' 2-D-2 diesel 10100 for 'OO' gauge.

Bulleid Leader

Above: Bulleid's experiemental 0-6-0+0-6-0 'Leader' 36001. British Rail/Public Domain.

Expressions of interest are currently open for Leader and DHP1 with prices estimated at £170 and £165 respectively for DCC ready options. DCC sound fitted options are proposed for both in KR Models prospective information.

The Leader was Bulleid's last big project for the Southern Railway and the only one of the five to be completed was delivered into British Railways service in 1949 after a three-year build at Brighton Works. It was designed to show a modern future for steam locomotive design and featured driving cabs at each end, a central fireman's position and had an 0-6-0+0-6-0 articulated wheel arrangement. 

36001 operated on test trains, was deemed to be a failure by 1951 and was withdrawn and scrapped. No ready-to-run model has been produced of the historic design.

KR Models plans for its model to feature a heavy die-cast chassis, a 21-pin decoder socket, a centrally mounted motor with flywheels, sprung buffers and flush glazing. Liveries proposed covered original brushed aluminium and BR lined green. 

Find out more about the project at the KR Models website.


Above: DHP1 on test in the mid-1960s. Clayton Equipment.

Also announced by KR Models is the unique DHP1 - Diesel Hydraulic Prototype 1. It was a demonstrator for a Type 3 main line diesel-hydraulic which was completed by Clayton in 1963. The locomotive had two Rolls Royce engines and hydraulic transmission and was painted red with the cab area above the bonnet finished in cream. Outwardly it was similar to the Class 17, but had a longer cab area. It was rarely used and was later scrapped by Clayton in 1967.

KR Models 'OO' DHP1 is set to feature directional lighting, a heavy die-cast chassis and centrally mounted motor, a 21-pin decoder socket, etched grilles, sprung buffers and flush glazing. 

Find out more about KR Models 'OO' gauge DHP1 on its website.