Maunsell brake progresses

Maunsell brake progresses

GBL van

Hornby’s newly tooled ‘OO’ gauge Maunsell Gangwayed Bogie Luggage (GBL) Vans have moved a step closer with production samples arriving with the development team for approval.

Five vehicles are due to appear this year as 2362 in Southern Railway (SR) olive green (R60020), 2471 in SR olive green (R60020A), S2477S in BR crimson (R60021), S2467S in BR crimson (R60021A) and S2464S in Pullman umber and cream, as Sir Winston Churchill’s Funeral Hearse (R60057).

Prices are set at £36.99 for SR and BR liveries and £40.99 for the Pullman liveried example.

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