More ‘Warwells’ for Hattons

Hattons Originals has announced an all-new selection of its ‘OO’ gauge 50ton ‘Warwell’ wagons.


Eight new ‘OO’ gauge models are planned with a mix of GWR, LMS, LNER, BR (grey and bauxite) and Ministry of Defence (MOD) liveries, including a 1960s army scheme which has not previously been produced.


This new batch will feature new numbers and improvements to the lettering, while the 1970s’ MOD example will be the first model to carry the earlier PFB lettering, rather than the later KWA TOPS code.


Priced at £25 each, release is expected during the second quarter of 2022


Visit for more information.


Description Livery Cat No.  Price
GWR 50ton 'Warwell', No. 8 GWR grey H4-WW-001B £25
LMS 50ton 'Warwell', WW57 LMS grey H4-WW-002B £25
LNER 50ton 'Warwell', No.30 LNER grey H4-WW-003B £25
BR 50ton 'Warwell', 360335 BR grey H4-WW-006B £25
BR 50ton 'Warwell', M360332 BR brown H4-WW-007A £25
MOD 50ton 'Warwell', 83020 1960s army green H4-WW-021 £25
MOD 50ton 'Warwell', PFB 95532 MOD 1970s green H4-WW-022 £25
MOD 50ton 'Warwell', KWA MODA 95535 MOD 2000s green H4-WW-023 £25