Newark Air Museum seeks Vulcan Records

Nottinghamshire’s Newark Air Museum is aiming to expand the records associated with the Avro Vulcan it has hosted for more than 20 years – airframe XM594.

The museum has engaged in an ongoing social history project since taking on the aircraft – it served with the RAF for 20 years, flying for more than 5,300 hours across at least 1,400 sorties. Access gained from approximately 100 aircrew logbooks has allowed around 700 or so missions to be profiled.

Howard Heeley - Newark Air Museum

However, in light of the 60th anniversary of the jet entering operation RAF service, greater material is sought to allow for even greater depth and detail to be covered. As such, the museum is seeking dates of sorties, crew member details, anecdotes and in-service photographs involving XM594 to be sent via email to Volunteers will then forward the details to Bill O’Sullivan to co-ordinate cataloguing efforts.

Howard Heeley - Newark Air Museum

A special event is planned to celebrate the anniversary of XM594 entering service with the RAF Scampton Vulcan Wing – this will take place over the weekend of September 16-17, 2023. Hence, all material is sought prior to these dates.

Further information including how to visit can be found at the Newark Air Museum website.