‘OO’ Alcan PCAs set for production

Revolution Trains has approved its forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge alumina PCA tank wagons for production, following receipt of decorated samples of the all-new wagons recently for inspection.


14 different four-wagon packs are planned for the initial production run with colour schemes offered including Alcan (four), debranded Alcan (three), Rio Tinto Alcan (three), Lochaber/Liberty (three) and Alvance (one) options. Each pack will contain four individually numbered wagons.


The PCAs will reflect the prototype according to era with as-built examples featuring full-length catwalks and ladders, while later liveries (post-2005) had the ladders removed. Each will also feature four top loading hatches, while discharge chute plates will be supplied separately for customer fitment as these were removed from some wagons.


Following minor adjustments to the colour schemes, production is expected to start shortly after the order deadline has passed at the end of August.


Priced at £149 per four-wagon pack, release is anticipated during the first half of 2024.

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