Oxford Rail 2021 update

Oxford Rail 2021

Oxford Rail has updated the status of its in-development 'OO' gauge models and added a new Banana van to its range for 2021.

Oxford Rail Banana Van

Above: New for 'OO' gauge from Oxford Rail in 2021 is a Banana Van variant of its GER 10ton box van.

The new 'OO' gauge Banana van is a development of the previously-announced Great Eastern Railway (GER) 10ton box van, with two models appearing as 632882 in NER bauxite (Cat No. OR76BAN001) and E632899 in BR bauxite (OR76BAN002).

Built in 1923, the banana vans were long-lived and remained in use into the 1960s. They featured hand and vacuum brakes, as well as steam-heating to help ripen the payload. Prices are set at £14.95 each and a delivery date has yet to be confirmed.

The GER 10ton van is currently in tooling, with the first Engineering Prototype (EP) sample expected shortly after Chinese New Year.

Oxford Rail Pilchard

Above: First engineering sample of the Oxford Rail 'Pilchard' ballast and sleeper wagon for 'OO' gauge.

Development work continues on Oxford Rail's new 'OO' gauge BR 20ton 'Pilchard' ballast and sleeper wagon with an EP sample arriving for assessment by the team, before progressing to the next production stage. Two models are planned initially, as DB990099 in BR black (Cat No. OR76PIL001) and DB990092 in BR black (OR76PIL002). Priced at £14.95 each, delivery is anticipated during the second quarter of 2021.

Oxford Rail's eagerly-awaited newly-tooled 'OO' gauge LNER 'J27' 0-6-0 is also one step closer to being released, with production now complete and awaiting shipping from China. Four models are expected as 1010 in LNER black (Cat No. OR76J27001), 65837 in BR black with early crests (OR76J27002), 65817 in BR black with late crests (OR76J27003) and 1214 in BR black with red lining (OR76J27004). Priced at £109.95, delivery is expected during the second quarter.

Oxford Rail J27

Above: Next for release from Oxford Rail is its new model of the LNER 'J27' 0-6-0 for 'OO'.

Meanwhile, development of the manufacturer's forthcoming 'OO' gauge LNER 'J26' 0-6-0 continues with the model still on track for release later this year, during the final quarter. Offered in DCC ready and DCC sound-fitted formats, six models are due in total, finished as 5738 in LNER black (OR76J26001/XS), 65767 in BR black with early crests (OR76J26002/XS) and 65736 in BR black with late crests (OR76J26003/XS), priced at £109.95 for DCC ready examples and £209.95 for DCC sound-fitted models.

Similarly, development work continues on the first of Oxford Rail's 'OO' gauge Cowans Sheldon 15ton cranes which is currently at the CAD drawing stage. Models planned include Stoke Motive Power Depot's RS1023-15 (OR76SCS1001) and BR SR Stewart's Lane's DS316 (OR76SCS2001). Priced at £19.95 each, a delivery date has yet to be confirmed.

Finally, new Oxford Rail 'OO' gauge models due soon include LNER 'N7' 0-6-2T 69670 in BR black with late crests and DCC sound (OR76N7004XS), priced at £219.95 (due early February) and 12ton tank wagon No. 113 Graham's Golden Lager (OR76TK2006), priced at £21.95 (due early February). Production has also been completed on BP tank wagon 1001 (OR76TK2007), priced at £18.95 and the long-awaited Virgin Trains liveried BR Mk 3a First Open 11042 (OR763FO003), Standard Open 10206 (OR763TO003) and Restaurant First 12145 (OR763RM003), priced at £37.95 each. These are expected to be shipped shortly after Chinese New Year.

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