Redbridge Wharf in OO gauge

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 1965-1967 | Region: Southern | Operating team: Winchester Railway Modellers

Redbridge Wharf in OO gauge.

Redbridge Wharf depicts a layout based on the area of Redbridge, Hampshire. It is situated on the north-westerly shore of Southampton Water, at the mouth of the River Test and built to 'OO' gauge with finescale track and third rail.

The station was opened in 1847 by the Southampton and Dorchester Railway and became a junction in 1865 when the 'Sprat and Winkle' line opened to Romsey and Andover. The large area of drained marshland between the wharf and the station was used as a material holding area. This then became the sleeper works including the manufacture of sleepers, bridge timbers and cast track components. In the final years of operation, the site was used for the assembly of long welded rail sections and the laying out of large point work complexes.

The casual observer of the layout has a view across Southampton Water, as though they are looking from Eling. Southampton Central station is four miles to the East, and Totton is about 3/4 mile to the West. The focus of the layout is the wharf, with the works behind, and Redbridge station and junction to the rear. On the layout are numerous piles of timber sleepers and a barge; the river itself with salt marshes, mudflats, water, and the causeway - the timber pond; the foundry and associated buildings connected with track building.

Redbridge Wharf in OO gauge.

The new rail causeway, the lack of the last road bridge, and the laying of the third rail sets 1965 as the earliest possible operating date for this Southern Region layout, offering operating flexibility from late steam through to modern image.

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