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Ellis Clark postpones ‘O’ gauge wagons

Ellis Clark Trains has postponed its planned ‘O’ gauge ‘Shark’, ‘Seacow’ and ‘Sealion’ engineers' wagons.

Heaton Lodge Junction extension fund

Heaton Lodge Junction owner Simon George has launched a fundraising campaign to complete the second phase of the expansive ‘O’ gauge layout. 

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Broad-Brush Approach

Giving models a realistic appearance doesn’t have to take long. TIM SHACKLETON shows how a ‘big picture’ approach using large brushes can create a lifelike look in minutes.

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Alston in 'N' gauge

This classic branch line terminus is the subject of PETER BROWN’s ‘N’ gauge layout, bringing to life a distinctive location which is now the headquarters of the South Tynedale Railway - and you can see the layout at the 2024 Great Electric Train Show.

Hornby TT:120 Class 50s arrive!

Hornby's all-new 'TT:120' scale Class 50 Co-Co diesels have arrived with retailers and are in stock now on the Key Model World Shop.

Osborn Models Refuse Collector figures

​​​​​​​Osborns Models has released a pack of 4mm scale refuse collector figures to complement the new Oxford Diecast Biffa Dustbin lorry.

Rapido ‘Fireless’ EPs arrive

Engineering Prototype (EP) samples of Rapido Trains’ forthcoming ‘OO’ gauge Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 ‘Caledonia’ fireless locomotives have arrived for inspection.

VIDEO: Cavalex reveals decorated Class 60s

Cavalex Models has received decorated samples of its forthcoming newly-tooled ‘OO’ gauge BR Class 60 diesel for evaluation. See the images and watch our latest video with Cav and Alex featuring the Class 60 samples in action.

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Latest model railway videos

Locoman Sounds GWR Manor sound demonstration video. Feature Premium

Speaker upgrade for the Accurascale ‘Manor’

Accurascale’s GWR ‘Manor’ 4-6-0 is a superb model, but it left room for improvement in the speaker setup. MIKE WILD shows how he fitted Locoman Sounds’ latest profile for these two-cylinder locomotives together with a speaker upgrade.

Staff Projects: Reviving Topley Dale

It’s approaching two years since Topley Dale was dismantled and put into storage, but now the layout is being rebuilt in a much bigger, extended form. MIKE WILD explains the first steps and the vision for the future.

VIDEO: Making Tracks: The Final Frontier - Project Update

Pete Waterman and the Railnuts are working through construction of new extensions to the Making Tracks layout to create Making Tracks: The Final Frontier for Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024 at the NEC in Birmingham. The new extensions will take the layout to 208ft x 14ft and feature over 240ft of scenery. Watch the latest update video here.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Cavalex Models Class 56 production samples

With Cavalex Models' debut powered model - the BR Class 56 - due to arrive with retailers at the end of January, we meet with the manufacturer to reveal the final tweaks on its production samples. Watch our video here as we discuss the new model with Cavalex Models Alex Perkins.

Ellis Clark Trains about the future of model railway

With the recent press for model railway surrounding the closure of Hattons Model Railways and the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition, we talk to Ellis Clark Trains founder Ellis Clark to get his perspective on the hobby and its future.

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Allerby - recreating the 1980s in 'O' gauge

The latest exhibition layout from STEVE THOMPSON and family models a freight scene in ‘O’ gauge, demonstrating the tremendous presence this scale offers and you can see it at Model World LIVE on April 27/28 2024.

SERIES 7, EP4: Making Tracks - The Grand Challenge

In the fourth and final part of our Making Tracks 3 video series, we delve into the story of the Grand Challenge at the Great Electric Train Show when Pete Waterman and the Railnuts created a record breaking 152ft long 'OO' gauge model railway.

Hornby Class 31 with Triplex Sound for OO gauge. Feature Premium

TXS 8-pin Installation Hornby Class 31 Upgrades

The Hornby Class 31 is a simple locomotive to add Triplex Sound into and in this guide we move on to upgrade the speaker. MIKE WILD explains how.

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Latest model railway reviews

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Rapido GWR ‘Mink A’ van

A year after the better known Great Western Railway (GWR) ‘Iron Mink’ vans arrived, Rapido Trains UK has developed its wooden-bodied ‘Mink A’ cousins in ‘OO’ gauge.

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Railways Remembered: North East England

First in a new series called ‘Railways Remembered’, this new publication from Crecy is a well-produced and high-quality look back at the railways in North East England from the 1950s to 1970s. The book covers steam, diesel and electric traction on main lines and the region’s many industrial railways.

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RailRoad Class 101 returns

Hornby’s enduring Class 101 DMU is back, offering an important train for BR era modellers. BEN CHURCH sees if it stands up to present-day scrutiny.

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Collectors Club Class 90

Bachmann Collectors Club members can now acquire this striking ‘OO’ gauge Class 90 Bo-Bo electric. MARK CHIVERS finds out whether it ‘sparks’ his admiration.

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Heljan’s all-new Brush Type 4 for ‘OO’ gauge

The long-lived and versatile Class 47s are a popular choice for ready-to-run models with a wide range of colour schemes. Heljan has delivered its brand-new offering for ‘OO’ gauge - MIKE WILD finds out how it measures up.

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Diesel Fuelling Point

This diesel fuelling point from West Hill Wagon Works, offers a simple way to easily incorporate an important – and distinctive – scene into a modern-era layout.

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OO Works Aspinall Class 27 0-6-0

New to the OO Works range of handmade ready-to-run ‘OO’ gauge locomotives is the London Midland & Scottish Railway (ex-Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway) Aspinall Class 27 0-6-0.

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ModelU Cattle

Continuing the animal theme, ModelU has added a selection of 3D-printed farm figures to its range, including this pack of 4mm scale cows. 

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