Dapol unveils ‘J94’ for ‘O’


DAPOL has revealed plans to produce a newly-tooled ‘O’ gauge Hunslet ‘Austerity’ (LNER ‘J94’) 0-6-0ST.

Introduced during the Second World War, the Robert Riddles designed locomotives were built primarily for shunting duties. After the war, 75 of the 377 locomotives were purchased by the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) and subsequently designated ‘J94’. 90 examples were retained by the military for internal use, while some were sold for use at collieries, industrial locations and abroad. Further batches were built into the 1960s, with more than 480 locomotives constructed through the years.


Unveiling plans at the Gauge O Guild’s annual exhibition in Kettering, design work for Dapol’s all-new ‘O’ gauge ‘Austerity’ 0-6-0ST is complete with the project due to enter the tooling stage imminently.

The newly-tooled locomotives will incorporate a die-cast chassis, one-piece die-cast saddle tank, five-pole skew-wound motor, vertically-mounted flywheel, 21-pin Digital Command Control (DCC) decoder socket, all-wheel pick-up, sprung centre driving wheel, working inside motion and firebox glow.


The new model’s specification also includes a fully detailed cab interior, underframe, alternative cab and bunker variations, removable magnetic cab roof, scale metal handrails, separately fitted chimney (two variants), poseable cab doors, sprung buffers and three-link couplings.


Ten models are planned initially as ‘J94’ 0-6-0ST 8006 in LNER black (7S-094-001), 68023 in British Railways black (7S-094-002), 68030 in BR black with early crests (7S-094-003) and 68012 in BR black with late crests (7S-094-004), together with ‘Austerity’ 75061 in War Department black (7S-094-005), No.15 in Wemyss Private Railway (WPR) lined brown (7S-094-006), Whiston in National Coal Board (NCB) lined green (7S-094-007), No.22 in United Steel lined red (7S-094-008), 71515 in Mech. Navvies red (7S-094-009) and 196 Errol Lonsdale in Longmoor Military Railway (LMR) lined blue (7S-094-010).

Priced at £250 DCC ready, £285 DCC fitted and £380 DCC sound-fitted, release is currently slated for the second quarter of 2023.

Visit www.dapol.co.uk for more information.