Fairwood Junction in OO gauge

Gauge: 'OO' | Period: 2000s | Region: Western | Operating team: Steve Jones and friends

Fairwood Junction in OO gauge by Steve Jones.

Fairwood Junction is Steve Jones' latest 'OO' gauge layout and models the busy junction just outside Westbury in 15ft x 10ft. The new layout models the last 10 years on the Western Region with a collection of heavy freights intersected by GWR and First Group liveried HSTs, Class 800 units, Class 158 and 159 DMUs and more.

The layout has all the features of the real location including the stone bridge across the junction. Regular visits to Fairwood Junction have allowed the location to modelled realistically in a compact space. All trains are DCC controlled with the majority sound fitted. The locomotives, drawn from Accurascale, Bachmann, Heljan, Hornby, Cavalex Models and others, are all sound fitted.

See Fairwood Junction at the 2024 Great Electric Train Show on October 12/13.

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