Refurbished 'O' Class 31 samples

Refurbished 'O' Class 31
decorated samples


Heljan has received the first factory decorated samples of its forthcoming 'O' gauge refurbished Class 31/1 and 31/4 A1A-A1As.

These latest variants will feature a wealth of separately applied detailing, sprung buffers, working screw couplings, directional lighting, cab illumination and screw terminals to the PCB for digital decoder installations. Improvements have also been made to the transit mounting plates to keep models secure during shipment.


Due later this year, nine new models are expected split between refurbished Class 31/1 and 31/4 locomotives in a wide selection of liveries with two numbered examples including 31296 Amwlch Freighter/Tren Nwyddau Amlwch in weathered Railfreight grey and yellow (Cat No. 3120) and 31466 in EWS red and gold (3143). The remaining unnumbered examples will appear as 31/1s in Railfreight 'red stripe' grey (3121), unbranded Railfreight Trainload freight grey (3122), BR Civil Engineers' grey and yellow (3123) and as 31/4s in BR blue (3140), InterCity Mainline (3141), Regional Railways (3142) and Network Rail yellow (3144). 


Prices are set at £525 each, with delivery anticipated during the second quarter of 2021.


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