More Mendip Rail JNA-Ts

Kernow Model Rail Centre has confirmed that it has commissioned a further run of Revolution Trains’ ‘OO’ gauge JNA-T Ealnos bogie box wagons in Mendip Rail livery from the manufacturer.


Mendip Rail leases a fleet of 65 JNA-T Ealnos wagons from VTG for use on its heavy aggregate trains that operate across the South of England and along the Great Western Main Line.

Exclusive to KMRC, this next batch of Revolution Trains' ‘OO’ gauge Mendip Rail liveried JNA-Ts will feature new running numbers, complementing the previous run of vehicles from 2019. Four wagons are planned, including three standard models and one with a flashing end-of-train lamp. Identities include 8170 5500 164-5 VTG (Cat No. OO-EAL-105E), 8170 5500 175-1 (OO-EAL-105F), 8170 5500 191-8 (OO-EAL-105G) and 8170 5500 212-2 with working tail lamp (OO-EAL-105H).

Priced at £48.95 for standard wagons and £52.95 for the tail lamp fitted example, delivery is expected in early 2024.

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